Power Alert Service FAQs

If I move, can I still receive alerts at my new address?

PAS stops sending outage alerts to you when you disconnect electric service at your old address. Follow these steps to start receiving outage alerts for your new address in greater Houston:

  • If you already have online access, please log in to your My Account.
  • If you don’t have online access, please follow the instructions in the “How Do I Sign Up for the First Time?” section near the top of this page.
  • After you log in to your My Account, follow the on-screen prompts to link your electric account to your new address. You will be asked to provide the new electric meter number (found on your new bill or on the electric meter below the display screen) to verify service at your new address.

How does PAS work?

Power Alert Service helps minimize the impact of a power outage by sending free text*, email or phone call notifications when the power goes out. Regardless of where you are, you’ll get updates on outages and estimated restoration times.

Power Alert Service gives you and your contacts:

    ✔ Alerts when outages affect your home or business.More Information
    ✔ Restoration time estimates.
    ✔ Notice when power is restored

*Standard text messaging fees charged by your carrier may apply.

How can I add or manage alert contacts?

Add your spouse, children, caregivers, other family and friends to your Power Alert Service contact list so that everyone who should know about an outage will get alerts and updates. You can add up to five texts, five emails and five phone numbers, so add the alerts in the way that makes the most sense for the recipient.

How to add contact points

  • Select Manage Power Alert Service in My Account.
  • Expand Service Notifications section.
  • Select Add New Email/Mobile/Phone.
  • Select drop-down menu boxes, as needed.
  • Select contact points within each menu.
  • Select Save Changes at bottom of page.

Cellphone text enrollment: Cellphones will not receive outage alerts via text until each phone replies to the initial “CONFIRMATION REQUIRED” text message as instructed. Make sure each mobile contact you add to PAS completes the process! Standard text message fees may apply.

Service Notifications Sample Screenshot

Service Notifications PA Sample Screenshot

Power Alert Service is an important part of CenterPoint Energy’s award-winning Intelligent Grid.

*Standard text messaging fees charged by your carrier may apply.

Still have questions?

We'll help you get your outage alerts up and running. First, try using our troubleshooting guide. For account help that doesn't concern Power Alert Service outage alerts, visit Manage Your Account.

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