Reach Optimal Performance With an HSP Furnace or Boiler Tune-Up

As an addition to the high-quality repair services offered by CenterPoint Energy Home Service Plus, you can also schedule furnace tune-up services. In cold regions like Minnesota, it is important to maintain the health of your furnace to avoid a winter without heat.

As part of the HSP furnace tune-up service, you'll be provided with the expert analysis you need from one of our qualified technicians. They will run through our 16-step furnace and boiler tune-up process including investigating key components that may need to be replaced, as well as checking for dangerous leaks, faulty heat exchangers or ventilation systems. Our goal is to target each furnace component for optimal performance, offering solutions that may increase the efficiency and longevity over time. Schedule Your Tune-up!

Benefits of HSP furnace and boiler maintenance include:

  Questions answered: About furnace operation, maintenance and efficiency.
 Blower wheel: Check condition and clean, as necessary.
 Burner compartment: Remove dust & scale from the compartment and other key parts.
 Burner flame: Check proper characteristics, including gas and air adjustment; clean burner, as necessary
 Carbon monoxide: Check presence of unsafe levels of CO at the time of tune-up.
 Controls: Check operational control sequence, including safety controls and thermostat.
 Combustion chamber/heat exchanger: Check condition
 Filters: Check furnace filter condition and indicate proper replacement size.
 Flame sensor/pilot safety timer: Check condition and replace thermocouple, as necessary.
 Gas input: Check and adjust to manufacturer's specifications.
 Motors: Check operation and oil as needed (oil pump if boiler); replace belts, if necessary.
 Pilot/igniter: Check operation and clean as necessary
 Restart of your furnace or boiler
 Vent pipe to chimney: Check condition of pipe and draft intensity
 Written record of your tune-up

With the reliable technicians from HSP on your side, you can feel confident that your furnace will be taken care of in the colder months of the year. Our team strives to deliver some of the best furnace services in the state, and we offer tune-ups to customers throughout Minnesota. HSP services the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities metro area, in addition to locations in outstate Minnesota like St. Cloud, Brainerd, and Mankato. If you feel like it's time for a furnace tune-up, view our service area and schedule your appointment today!

Boiler & Furnace Tune-up Cost

$119.95Includes one furnace or boiler unit.
Additional tune-ups are $79.95 each.

A furnace or boiler tune-up & safety check from MN’s largest staff of pre-screened and highly-trained technicians costs just $119.95 for one unit, tune-ups for additional units are $79.95 each.

Furnaces and boilers should be serviced annually to ensure maximum lifespan, efficiency and safety – some manufacturers will even void your warranty if you fail to do so! Boiler and furnace maintenance cost varies, often in accordance with the thoroughness and reliability of the tune-up service you choose.

At $119.95, Home Service Plus offers competitive pricing on one of the most thorough, trustworthy furnace and boiler tune-up services offered to Minnesota homeowners.   

Save Money with a Maintenance Plan

The HSP Maintenance Plan gives you six, annual preventive maintenance services during two, seasonal visits! It includes an air conditioner tune-up, a furnace/boiler tune-up - and more !

Add more options to your HSP Repair Plan at a discounted rate.