Get prepared for the cooler weather with fall appliance maintenance from CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus. As an addition to the high-quality repair services offered by HSP, you can also schedule boiler and furnace tune-up services to ensure your home heating is in check. In cold regions like Minnesota, it is important to maintain the health of your furnace to avoid a winter without heat.


As part of an HSP boiler or furnace tune-up service, you'll be provided with the expert analysis you need from one of our qualified technicians. Our home heating appliance technicians will run through our 16-step furnace and boiler tune-up process including investigating key components that may need to be replaced, as well as checking for dangerous leaks, faulty heat exchangers or ventilation systems. Our goal is to target each furnace and boiler component for optimal performance, offering solutions that may increase efficiency and longevity over time.


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Benefits of HSP furnace and boiler maintenance include:

  Questions answered: Learn more about your home heating system. Our techs can help explain furnace and boiler operation, maintenance and efficiency.
 Blower wheel: Check appliance blower wheel condition and clean, as necessary.
 Burner compartment: Remove dust and scale from the burner compartment and other key parts.
 Burner flame: Check appliance burner flame for proper characteristics, including gas and air adjustment; clean burner, as necessary
 Carbon monoxide: Check presence of unsafe levels of CO at the time of tune-up.
 Controls: Check operational control sequence on boilers and furnaces, including safety controls and thermostat.
 Combustion chamber/heat exchanger: Check condition of appliance combustion chamber and heat exchanger.
 Filters: Check furnace filter condition and indicate proper replacement size.
 Flame sensor/pilot safety timer: Check condition and replace thermocouple, as necessary.
 Gas input: Check and adjust boiler or furnace to manufacturer's specifications.
 Motors: Check operation and oil as needed (oil pump if boiler).
 Pilot/igniter: Check operation of boiler and furnace pilot/igniter and clean as necessary
 Restart of your furnace or boiler
 Vent pipe to chimney: Check condition of appliance vent pipe and draft intensity
 Written record of your boiler or furnace tune-up

With the reliable technicians from HSP on your side, you can feel confident that your boiler and furnace will be taken care of throughout the colder months of the year. Our team of trained home heating technicians strives to deliver some of the best furnace and boiler services in the state, and we offer tune-ups to customers throughout Minnesota. HSP services the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities metro area, in addition to locations in outstate Minnesota like St. Cloud, Brainerd, and Mankato. If you feel like it's time for a furnace or boiler tune-up, view our service area and schedule your appointment today!

Boiler and furnace tune-up cost

$139.95Includes one furnace or boiler unit.
Additional tune-ups are $104.95 each.

A furnace or boiler tune-up and safety check from MN’s largest staff of pre-screened and highly-trained technicians costs just $139.95 for one unit, and tune-ups for additional units are $104.95 each.

Furnaces and boilers should be serviced annually to ensure maximum lifespan, efficiency and safety – some manufacturers will even void your warranty if you fail to do so! Boiler and furnace maintenance cost varies, often in accordance with the thoroughness and reliability of the tune-up service you choose.

At $139.95, Home Service Plus offers competitive pricing on one of the most thorough, trustworthy furnace and boiler tune-up services offered to Minnesota homeowners.   

  • The prices shown do not reflect promotional offers that may be in effect.

Furnace troubleshooting tips

HSP is ready to help you with reliable furnace repair from certified technicians, but how do you know if you need it? Here are some common furnace problems to keep an eye out for that can result in poor or no heat delivered from your furnace, as well as troubleshooting tips to try at home:

Check the thermostat

Ensure that your thermostat is working properly by checking for things like dead batteries or dust buildup that may be affecting proper readings. Make sure that your thermostat is set to heat when changing the temperature and set the new temperature higher than the current room temperature to check for functionality (usually at least 5 degrees higher). Check that your thermostat is not receiving false temperature readings due proximity or other factors. A thermostat can think the room is hotter than it really is if exposed to artificial forms of heat like direct sunlight, lamps, ovens or other common heat sources throughout your home.

Dirty filters

When you have a dirty or clogged air filter, your furnace has to work harder. This decrease in efficiency can be a major factor in increased energy bills each month, and the poor air flow can lead to issues with your heat exchanger like overheating and premature shutoffs. Check you air filters regularly and ensure that you are changing them out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Check your furnace vents

Your furnace may not be the problem when you are failing to receive heat throughout your home, it could be that your vents are inhibiting proper airflow. Check all vents throughout your home to ensure that they are fully open and free from obstructions like furniture, dust buildup, or rust. You will want to make sure that all supply and return vent grills are open and operational. Any blockage could lead to more serious HVAC problems like duct leaks and appliance breakdowns due to increased air pressure.

Blower will not shut off

This could be as simple as the thermostat being set to the wrong setting. Your furnace will continue to run until your home is heated to the set temperature on the thermostat, but the fan will continue to blow if you have the thermostat fan control set to “on” rather than “auto”.

Home Energy Audit

Your home insulation could also be an issue here as warm air is escaping or cool air is coming in too frequently, so make sure to check for drafts around doors and windows. A visit from the Home Energy Squad is an easy way to uncover areas of energy-saving opportunity. Our team can work to install energy-saving materials and perform safety tests on your home’s heating appliances.

Furnace is noisier than usual

Some furnaces are just nosier than others. But if you notice that your furnace is nosier than usual, it can mean a number of things, and the best thing to do is locate where the sound is originating from. Check to see if it is your furnace, vents, or air ducts, and then contact an experienced furnace technician with HSP. An HSP service technician can give you a better idea of what is causing the noise coming from your home heating system and what steps need to be taken to stop it.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are not only a great way to save energy, but they also help you save money on your monthly electricity bills. A smart thermostat can help you schedule your HVAC system to heat or cool only when you need it, shutting off when you’re away from home. This can also help you create consistency with your home’s temperature control that will make it easy to notice when your home isn’t heated the way it should be.

Check your home's circuit breakers/fuses

Your furnace may not be operational due a tripped or blown circuit breaker or fuse. Take a quick look at your home’s breaker panel to see if your furnace circuit is switched “on”. If not, manually reset the breaker by flipping it to the “on” position and ensure that it stays switched on. You may have a wiring issue if the breaker continues to flip back to the “off” position.

Save money with a Maintenance Plan

The HSP Maintenance Plan gives you six, annual preventive maintenance services during two, seasonal visits! It includes an air conditioner tune-up, a furnace/boiler tune-up - and more !

Add more options to your HSP Repair Plan at a discounted rate.