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If your central air conditioner is over 12 years old, it’s likely time for a new one. As you shop, you’ll find that air conditioners have come a long way in their efficiency over the years. But the biggest gains are in the certified energy-efficient models, which use anywhere from 20 to 50% less energy, which translates into hundreds of dollars of savings over an air conditioner’s lifetime. 

CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus offers professional installation and/or replacement of your central air conditioner with…

  • a free in-home consultation, during which our experienced representatives work with you to determine the right unit for your home based on your needs, budget, home layout and more;
  • new product installation, which includes removal and disposal of old equipment and installation of all necessary accessories, piping, etc.; and 
  • verification of the work to ensure functionality and completeness.

Avoid the hassle and let our experts get the cool air flowing in your home again with service that’s professional, convenient and timely. 

How we offer you the best value on a new air conditioner

Here’s why HSP should be your first choice in central air conditioner replacement:

  • Expertise: From your initial, free in-home consultation all the way to verification of install, our HVAC know-how will be on display. Our technicians ensure you get an AC unit with the appropriate sizing and features for your needs, while being transparent about the costs you can expect.
  • Selection: We install a wide variety of energy-efficient home air conditioners from leading brands.
  • Flexibility: We help make your purchase possible by offering qualified customers numerous payment and financing options. 
  • Warranty: We back our central air conditioner installations with industry-leading warranties of up to 12 years at no additional cost.
  • Confidence: Enjoy peace of mind with your purchase by working with Minnesota’s largest provider of home appliance repairs, replacement and maintenance.

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Meet our trusted air conditioner manufacturers

We are proud to stand behind installations of central air conditioners made by these leading brands:


With nearly a century in business, Daikin has grown to become the world’s largest HVAC manufacturer. With a reputation for innovation, especially in its inverter technology, the company’s products are made in America and backed by an industry-best 12-year parts warranty.


Ruud’s scroll-style compressors deliver powerful yet quiet operation with better parts reliability, earning the company a “Very Good” owner satisfaction rating from Consumer Reports surveys. The company’s air conditioners are offered at a very competitive price point, with significant energy savings available with its high-efficient models, which reach up to 20 SEER.




You know the name, but you may not know Mitsubishi is a leading maker of ductless air conditioners (also called split systems). These electric, high-efficiency conditioners are excellent options for home additions or homes without existing ductwork, although anyone can benefit from their ability to save up to 30 or 40% on energy bills. 


How your in-home consultation yields the right AC for you

During your free in-home consultation, an HSP air conditioning expert will help you arrive on the best replacement AC unit by:

  • reviewing your current AC equipment;

  •  answering all your questions; and

  • making recommendations. 

​Here’s a deeper look at how your consultation will go. Your HSP professional will:​

  • Determine optimal equipment sizing: We measure your home and provide you with a computerized heat loss/heat gain assessment to ensure you get the right size air conditioning unit for optimal cooling.

  • Evaluate your cooling needs: We review the building code and consider comfort, noise and other potential factors to help ensure your replacement AC unit is efficient, compliant and convenient.

  • Discuss your options: We want to make sure you make the best decision for your home and your family. Our team will sit down with you and review the cost, warranty, efficiency and other important information for each Daikin®, Ruud® and Mitsubishi® air conditioning model that we recommend for you. We'll also alert you to any money-saving rebates you may qualify for.

  • Help you reach a smart decision: We answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. And we will never sell you something you don't need.

  • ​​​​​

We answer more of your questions about buying from HSP in our equipment sales FAQs.

FAQS about high efficiency air conditioners

How long will my new air conditioner last?

​Any air conditioner that’s well-maintained can last 15-20 years, but high efficiency units have the potential to last longer than conventional units because of their ability to run the compressor and blower fan at reduced power stages, rather than just on or off.  

However, there are other variables that determine air conditioner life, such as what temperatures you like your home to be, your local climate, the condenser’s exposure to the elements and more. 

What ratings should I look for on energy efficient ACs?

There are two measures to consider:

  • SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is an energy rating between 13 (the federally mandated minimum, with 14 the minimum in southern states) and 25 calculated by dividing the average cooling output of a central air conditioner by the average energy used during that length of time (i.e. season). The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit.
  • CEER (Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio) has largely replaced the older EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating to measure how much energy a window/room air conditioner uses, both while operating under a range of outdoor temperatures and while in standby mode. Most units available today range from 9.8 to 15.  As with SEER ratings, a higher CEER score means a more efficient air conditioner.

Purchasing a unit with a higher SEER or CEER may mean spending quite a bit more initially, although the resultant energy savings will accrue faster. 

How often does my AC need to be serviced?

One service per year, scheduled before the weather turns too hot, is recommended to keep your high efficiency air conditioner running smoothly. HSP offers an affordable maintenance plan – see below for details.

How can I make my AC unit more energy efficient?

Apart from upgrading to a more efficient model and having annual maintenance performed, you can make your AC more efficient by easing the burden on it. This can be done by:

  • ensuring your insulation and door and window sealing are solid

  • programming your thermostat to increase during hours no one is home

  • “supercooling” your home, or turning the thermostat down very low during low-cost electricity hours, then turning it up to around 80 degrees during peak heat and letting the cooled air see you through the hot hours.

Bundle your furnace and AC system

When it comes to replacing a furnace, you can stack benefits by replacing your air conditioner at the same time. This can make for lower per-item installation expenses, as well as give you a matched system that was designed to work together for maximum efficiency. And when you purchase your new appliance from HSP, we’ll make sure to pass along any rebates or special offers.

Explore furnace and AC bundling

AC maintenance tune-ups from HSP

We recommend servicing your central AC unit at least once per year to replace the filter, to ensure healthy refrigerant levels, proper air flow and sound electrical connections and to check for leaks or bulging in the run capacitor. Signing up for our Maintenance Plan secures for you an AC tune-up, as well as tune-ups for other home systems, between May and August to get your home ready for the summer. 

See how HSP maintenance works

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Trusted local professionals

The air conditioner is a home’s biggest appliance, and on hot days it can feel like the most crucial one, as well. So trust your AC to Home Service Plus, Minnesota's largest provider of home appliance repair, replacement and maintenance. 

HSP continues to turn Minnesotans into satisfied customers with our industry-leading warranties, highly trained and friendly technicians and premium-quality work.

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