​​​​​​​​​​​​​Water Softeners

Most Minnesota communities have hard water, which can create everyday problems in your home like dry skin, dull-looking dishes and clogged pipes. It's now easy to get affordable relief with peace of mind, as CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus (HSP) offers its own ProSeries line of high-efficiency water softeners.

Get More with a Water Softener from HSP:

✔ Comprehensive warranties: Lifetime warranties on all tank models

✔ Convenient shopping by phone

✔ HSP models use less salt, water and electricity

✔ Professional Installation

✔ Flexible payment & financing options (for qualified customers)

✔ Trusted for 80+ Years

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Benefits of Water Softener Systems

Hard water has a high mineral content, primarily calcium and magnesium carbonates. A home water softener can help your appliances work more efficiently and last longer.

Money-saving efficiency:

  • Reduce soap & cleaning-product use, up to 50 percent*
  • Lower water heating costs, up to $100 per year*
  • Longer life for dishwashers, water heaters & other appliances

Cleanliness and appearance:

  • Cleaner dishes & silverware
  • Brighter, softer & longer-lasting clothes
  • Softer skin & shinier hair

*Source, Water Quality Research Foundation Battelle Institute Study (2009)

How Much Does a Water Softener Cost?

A new water softener starting cost is $1,300 with installation, but we will give you an exact price over the phone once understand your water use, desired features and appropriate tank size. Our home water softener prices are competitive, so if you see a price that appears to be much lower, take a close look at the quality of equipment, warranties, installation and payment/financing.

Water Softener System Lifespan: A modern water softener tank will last a lifetime, while the control valve and other parts will last an estimated 10 - 15 years.

Minnesota's Appliance Professionals for 80+ Years

Home Service Plus is the state's largest service provider of major appliance repair, replacement and maintenance. Trusted by Minnesota homeowners for more than 80 years, you can count on HSP to affordably and conveniently take care of all your water softener system needs. We have flexible payment options, including cash discounts, no-interest payments and affordable financing options (for qualified customers).

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*Some geographic restrictions apply.