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Coverage for customer-owned natural gas pipes

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining, repairing, and replacing natural gas pipes that run from the utility's gas meter to the home’s natural gas equipment. When the source of a gas leak or other problem is on a customer’s natural gas pipe or related connections, repair costs can be high.

CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus offers you an optional Pipe Protection Plan for only $5.95 a month. It covers interior, readily accessible, natural gas pipes running from the gas meter to your natural gas appliances.

Benefits of online scheduling

A CenterPoint Energy HSP technician will repair problems with your exposed and easily accessible natural gas lines and the connections to your gas appliances – at no charge


Pay $0 on the parts and labor necessary to repair the affected area - and NO LIMITS on covered repairs


Most piping repairs are made the same day and coverage is effective immediately


Repairs performed by trusted CenterPoint Energy HSP technicians 


Avoids extended periods without the use of your appliances (e.g., furnace, water heater, range or clothes dryer)


Avoids the hassle of searching for a reliable company to safely work on natural gas pipe repairs

How do I schedule my service?

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Homeowner’s responsibility for gas pipes

If you suspect a gas leak, CenterPoint Energy responds immediately, inspecting the area and helping to ensure the public’s safety. If there is a problem with company equipment, CenterPoint Energy fixes it. However, when the source of a leak or other problem is on a customer’s natural gas pipe, the homeowner is responsible for the gas pipe repair.

​​Gas Line Pipe Protection Plan


The Pipe Protection Plan costs just $5.95 a month for one year. Your coverage will automatically renew each year to ensure continued coverage and the cost is conveniently added to your monthly CenterPoint Energy natural gas bill.

Read Pipe Protection Plan Terms and Conditions for complete coverage, eligibility, and details.

Gas leak safety

As always, if you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, leave the area immediately on foot. Do NOT use your phone, electric switches, computer, or anything that could cause a spark. Go directly to a safe location in a nearby home or building, and then call 911 and CenterPoint Energy at 1-800-296-9815 or 612-372-5050 immediately.

  • As your natural gas utility, CenterPoint Energy is responsible for maintaining a safe, reliable natural gas distribution system that serves your home up to and including the meter that measures your natural gas use.
  • Homeowner responsibility begins from the meter on. It’s up to you to maintain a safe, reliable gas distribution system within your home and to purchase, maintain, and operate safe, efficient appliances.
  • Home Service Plus, a non-regulated offering of CenterPoint Energy, is one of a wide variety of qualified sources you can choose when you want to purchase home comfort products and services, including repair of customer-owned interior gas pipes.

Enroll in Pipe Protection Plan   

Pipe Protection Plans are available to homeowners throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN metro area and in many parts of Greater Minnesota. To enroll, complete our online Pipe Protection Plan sign-up form or call us at 612-333-1664 or toll-free 877-477-1664.

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