Main Drain Repair Service Technician  

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Removes roots and debris from your main drain 

If your main drain becomes clogged by roots and debris, you are covered with our Main Drain Emergency Cleaning Plan. You can call our 24-hour customer service call center at 877-477-1664 or 612-333-1664 to arrange an emergency cleanout.

Our professionally trained specialists will use a high-powered auger to unclog your main sewer drain line by removing tree roots, rust, grease, and debris from your basement cleanout, under your lawn, toward the street for up to 150 feet (cleaning methods do not include excavation). Your main drain line must meet code requirements and be in operating condition at the time your plan begins.

Enroll in the Main Drain Emergency Cleaning plan for only $14.95 per month.

Read Main Drain Emergency Cleaning Plan Terms and Conditions for complete coverage, eligibility, and details.

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