​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Appliance Repair, Replacement & Maintenance

Keeping your home appliances running safely and efficiently can be a big, complicated hassle. Life is busy and you have important things to focus on – you shouldn’t need to worry about the scale buildup in your home’s water heater, or whether your furnace can make it through another Minnesota winter.

That’s why CenterPoint Energy’s Home Service Plus (HSP) exists, to offer you a range of products and services that make your life easier and bring you peace of mind.

Explore our Products and Appliance Repair & Maintenance Services

  Customizable repair plans to handle unexpected break downs

HSP Repair Plans eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for repairs on covered appliances – like furnaces/boilers, water heaters and ranges – for a low monthly fee. Both the Basic Repair Plan and the Total Repair Plan are customizable so they’ll fit your unique needs.

  Preventive maintenance to help keep your home safe 

Our highly-trained and prescreened technicians help keep your major home appliances running efficiently and aid in preventing unexpected breakdowns. HSP’s preventive maintenance services include central AC, furnace/boiler and gas fireplace tune-ups. We also clean ductwork and main drains!

  High-quality equipment you can rely on

Buy top-quality appliances from HSP worry-free. A FREE in-home consultation for furnace, boiler, AC, fireplace inserts, and heat recovery ventilators from our knowledgeable and professional sales consultants ensure you get the right equipment for your home and family. Our heating and cooling professionals will conduct a thorough review of your home to help determine which equipment is the best option for you.

Save Yourself from Homeowner Headaches

At 6:30 on Sunday night my granddaughter yelled, ‘the shower is cold!’

A quick assessment by me and I knew I'd have to call CenterPoint [Energy]. I jumped online and to my complete disbelief, I could schedule an appointment that very night. 3 hours later, an igniter [sic] was replaced and the water heater was working just fine. ... at 9:30 pm I got my water heater fixed that I requested service on just 3 hours earlier!* And the best part was it was all No Charge (!) because I have your HSP program.

-Mark B., HSP repair plan customer

*Note: Appointment scheduling is made on a first-come, first-serve basis by geographical service area. We cannot guarantee you will receive a repair timeline similar to client experiences shared on this page, but we promise to always get you service as quickly as possible from one of our 300+ technicians.

Industry-leading Warranties

Whether you need a furnace, boiler, or gas fireplace, we offer industry-leading warranties and installation guaranteed to deliver optimal performance.  

Why trust a stranger when you can rely on Minnesota’s leading provider of home appliance repair, replacement and maintenance for more than 80 years. Ask around, you probably have neighbors, friends or family members who are HSP customers.