At CenterPoint Energy, we are dedicated to bringing our customers safe, reliable and efficient electric service. The company has invested millions of dollars in technology that allows us to read meters remotely, which has virtually eliminated our need to enter customers' property to read meters. 

What to expect

In the majority of cases, it is not necessary for our employees to enter the home or apartment as most of our work is done outside on power lines and other equipment. However, CenterPoint Energy crews may need access to our energy equipment or a utility easement on your property in order to make repairs or perform inspections.

CenterPoint Energy is permitted by law to access such equipment, even if it is behind a fence, and without prior notice. Unless related to an outage or other emergency, our employees and contractors typically would not need to access customers' yards outside of typical business hours. 

Due to the nature and volume of our work, including emergency work and other work to ensure safe and reliable service, while we make attempts when possible it is not practical to provide advance notice to all of our customers before entering their outside property. In order to ensure the safety of our employee and customers, the employee will knock on the door before attempting access if they need to enter a secured space like a backyard. If there’s no answer at the door, the employee will announce their presence audibly before entering the area.

Safety and security

We take safety and security concerns of our customers very seriously. CenterPoint Energy customers should know that: 

  • Vehicles - All of CenterPoint Energy and our contractors' vehicles are marked with the CenterPoint Energy logo.  
  • ID badges - All CenterPoint Energy employees and contractors carry identification badges. If a customer has any doubts about whether or not someone is a CenterPoint Energy employee or contractor, they should ask to see their identification badge. If the badges are not visible, they will show them upon request.
  • Uniforms - CenterPoint Energy operations employees wear company uniforms with the CenterPoint Energy logo.

Unfortunately, from time-to-time people do impersonate utility company employees in order to gain access to someone's home. If there is still a doubt or any other issue, even after seeing an ID badge, customers should call local law enforcement.