​Heat Recovery Ventilator & Installation

Modern construction creates energy efficient houses, but their precision makes it difficult for fresh, clean air to enter from outside. But you can bring healthy, oxygen-rich air into your home with a Lifebreath® heat recovery ventilator (HRV) from CenterPoint Energy’s Home Service Plus.

A Lifebreath® HRV gives you:

    ✔ Maximum heat transfer
    ✔ Most efficient airflow design
    ✔ Powerful & quiet with an up-to five-speed motor
    ✔ Built for harsh winters
    ✔ Lifetime warranty on heat-exchange core

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How do HRV's Work?

Lifebreath HRVs draw fresh air from outside and distribute it throughout your house. At the same time, the heat recovery ventilator moves stale, indoor air to the outside through an independent air stream. The heart of this technology is Lifebreath’s aluminum heat-exchange core, ensuring that 80% of the outgoing heat is trapped and sent back into the house.

HRVs are important for new, energy efficient homes. New construction is much more airtight than in the past. Your family’s health can be at risk from stale, contaminated air unless you have a heat recovery ventilator.

If you live in Minnesota, contact Home Service Plus to learn more about Lifebreath HRVs. Or you may speak with one of our air-quality experts: Call 612-342-4610 in Minneapolis/ St. Paul metro area; 877-HSP-1664 in greater Minnesota (see Service Areas).

Cost of a Heat Recovery Ventilator

A new Lifebreath heat recovery ventilator costs $2,600 and up, installation included.

With HSP, this includes a lifetime warranty on the heat-exchange core, five-year warranty on parts, a 1-year warranty on labor and flexible payment and financing options.

We only sell and install products with proven durability and efficiency. For heat recovery ventilators, our experts trust Lifebreath, exclusively, to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Why Buy a HRV from Us?

HSP delivers peace of a mind when you’re buying a heat recovery ventilator, or any type of home heating/cooling equipment. Our consultative buying process ensures your needs are met affordably. After hearing about your needs, an expert will walk you through your options in a FREE consultation.

As the state’s largest service provider of home appliance repair, maintenance and replacement, we’re also able to offer flexible payment and financing options.

Call Home Service Plus at 612-342-4610 in the Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN metro area; toll-free 877-HSP-1664 in greater Minnesota (see Service Areas) or you can request Lifebreath HRV product info.