​Flood Safety Tips​

You can save lives after a storm! Learn the hidden dangers of flooding.

​Avoid Electrical Hazards from Flooding:

  • When possible, we recommend that you contact a licensed electrician to advise and assist during flood conditions in turning power off at the breaker box and back on. If it appears that water will get as high as the outlets in your house, we recommend that you cut off power at the breaker box only if you are able to do so safely and without standing in water.  
  • With the circuit breaker off and all appliances disconnected, plug in one floor lamp. Then, reset the breaker and check other plugs one at a time. If the breaker trips when you reset it, you should call an electrician.
  • If electrical appliances – including your air conditioning system – were submerged in water, allow them to dry for at least one week. Also, have a qualified repair person inspect before turning them on.

More Flooding Safety Tips:

  • ​Avoid standing water. It may carry an electrical current from downed power lines​.
  • Animals are often displaced during storms and seek higher ground. Beware of snakes and insects. The days following a storm present a higher risk of mosquito-borne illnesses. Protect yourself with clothing and bug spray, and eliminate standing water whenever possible. 
  • Do not attempt to cross flowing streams. It is easy to underestimate the strength of the water’s flow.
  • Never drive through flooded roadways. If your vehicle stalls, leave it immediately and move to higher ground. Be especially careful at night, when it is more difficult to recognize flood dangers.