Lakeville – Ipava Avenue

Scheduled Start Date: Mid-April 2022

CNP Map of Lakeville Ipava Ave 2022.png

Project Resources

  • If you contact CenterPoint Energy for any questions, please reference the project’s name or number 96375442.

What will CenterPoint Energy do?

From mid-April into fall 2022, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractors will work in Lakeville along the following streets:

  • Maple Island Road from Buck Hill to 162nd Street W.
  • 165th Street W. from Maple Island Road to Ipava Avenue
  • Ipava Avenue from 165th Street W. to 202nd Street W.
  • 202nd Street W. and 205th Street W. from Ipava Avenue to Kenrick Avenue
  • Kenrick Avenue from 205th Street W. to 215th Street W.

While one contractor will replace large-diameter natural gas steel main, the other contractor will restore the areas affected by construction.

Thank you to all who attended the virtual meeting!

On Tuesday, March 15, beginning at 6:00 p.m., CenterPoint Energy hosted a virtual Microsoft Teams meeting with a short presentation and a Q&A session to answer questions about the project. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation is provided in this link here. We appreciate your attendance and hope that we answered your questions. 

What are the anticipated traffic impacts?

Since the crews weld the pieces of the pipe together, the steel main replacement requires open trench excavation. Time spent on each block will vary due to the size of the block, the steel offsets, the restoration preparation, and the weather. The required construction method will impact many boulevard tree roots in the project corridor, requiring significant public tree removals particularly on Ipava Avenue. CenterPoint Energy is working closely with Lakeville to determine suitable replacement trees and establishment support. 

The pipe replacement crew will work on a few blocks at a time. Most of these blocks will have lane shifts. A few will have full closures. They will work with residents and businesses on maintaining access. Detour signs will redirect through traffic. The restoration crew will follow closely behind to reopen the streets shortly after the pipe is replaced.

What should I expect during restoration?

On the soft surfaces such as boulevards and lawns, various erosion control measures keep the restored area moist, hold seed in the soil, and enhance seed germination. If an erosion blanket is needed it is secured in place with staples. The mesh is a wood fiber that will completely degrade. Prior to mowing the restored area, remove any loose staples that secured the blanket. For photo examples, please visit our Restoration Practices page.