​​​​​​Natural Gas Main

A distribution line that services as a common source of supply for at least one natural gas service line.

The company operates approximately 13,677 miles of distribution main and approximately 151 miles of transmission main in Minnesota, helping to maintain safe and reliable natural gas service to over 840,000 customers. As shown in the illustration above, a natural gas main is a source of natural gas for customers. The natural gas main connects to a service line and then a natural gas meter to provide service to a home or structure.

When CenterPoint Energy’s utility work involves upgrading a natural gas main by installing a new main and disconnecting the existing one, construction typically happens in three phases:

  • Phase 1 – Installing the new natural gas main
  • Phase 2 – Connecting the natural gas service lines to the new main along the same construction route
  • Phase 3 – Restoring property to former condition

If your property is within the scope of construction projects, you may receive the following information based on construction activity:

  • A sewer lateral postcard
  • An informative natural gas main door tag
  • An informative natural gas project letter (applicable to some projects)

Natural Gas Service Lines

Service line means a distribution line that transports gas from a common source of supply to an individual customer, to two adjacent or adjoining residential or small commercial customers, or to multiple residential or small commercial customers serviced through a meter header or manifold. A service line ends at the outlet of the customer meter or at the connection to a customer’s piping, whichever is further downstream, or at the connection to customer piping if there is no meter. A customer meter is the meter that measures the transfer of gas from an operator to a consumer.

A natural gas service line is a small-diameter pipe connecting the customer’s property to the gas main in the street. Customers will experience a short disruption of gas service as the crews are installing the gas service line. Often, the main work will involve the replacement of a gas service line from the gas main to the meter in the customer’s property.

Crews may have to dig in the ground on your property in the utility easement to complete the task of service and main distribution line replacement. If a customer’s property is disturbed, CenterPoint Energy will restore the hard and soft surfaces affected by construction at no cost to you. If your property is within the construction zone we may send these types of communication:

  • A natural gas service line postcard
  • A natural gas service line door tag

If you’re interested in installing a gas service line, please click here.

Gas Meters

A gas meter is an instrument for measuring and indicating or recording the volume of natural gas that passes through it. Gas meters are used at residential, commercial, and industrial buildings that consume fuel gas supplied by a gas utility. Some of CenterPoint Energy’s construction utility work involves repairing and/or replacing natural gas meters. The replacement of natural gas meters includes:

  • Replacing the natural gas service line that runs to the natural gas main line in the street
  • Reconnecting the natural gas meter to the natural gas service line, and
  • Relighting the appliance pilot lights inside the premise

If your property requires natural gas meter or service line replacement related to construction activities, CenterPoint Energy may send these types of communication:

  • An identifying gas meter door tag
  • An informative customer gas meter letter

CenterPoint Energy crews are systematically working to complete upgrades of residential natural gas meters in identified cities in Minnesota at no cost to the customer. Please review the project details below for more information or to see if this impacts to your service area:

View a diagram of what the “Moving Gas Meters Outside” project looks like.

Sewer Lateral Locating

Why does CenterPoint Energy need to locate my sewer lateral?

During underground gas installations there is a potential hazard of natural gas lines intersecting sewer laterals. Equix Integrity, Inc. (formerly known as Diversified Infrastructure Services), CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, will locate the sewer lateral so the location and depth is known by the gas installation crew.

Why doesn’t the city have information on my sewer lateral location?

The sewer lateral is considered a private utility; therefore, the city does not acquire or maintain records of its location.

Why does Equix Integrity, Inc. need to enter my home?

Most times the sewer lateral can be located by access from the city sewer main. However, some conditions prevent the use of the city sewer main; therefore, it must be located from the house. Every CNP employee or contractor performing the inspections will be required to carry a CenterPoint Energy identification card that includes a photograph. Do not let someone inside your home without proper identification.

What are the white markings in my yard?

As the contractor is locating sewer laterals, white paint is used for temporarily marking locations. The paint is water soluble and will eventually disappear.

How is my sewer lateral located from my home?

A trained sewer professional uses a specially designed locating device which is inserted through the sewer pipe using an access point in the home such as a clean out in the basement.

What do I do if my sewer lateral backs up?

In the event you encounter a clogged sewer, please take the following steps:

  1. Call the local One Call number, 811, to request that the natural gas facilities be located prior to sewer cleaning. Your request will be expedited as an emergency locate with facilities being located as soon as possible.
  2. Examine clogs that form at or near the point where the gas line crosses the sewer lateral more closely.
  3. Use camera devices if necessary to see the blockage to ensure it is not a gas line.
  4. If you need assistance from CenterPoint Energy after the utilities have been located, we have qualified personnel who are available 24 hours/7days a week to assist you.
    After 4:30pm and Weekends…………….612-321-5307

Communication you may receive from CenterPoint Energy:

Sewer Lateral Post Card

Informational links:

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