Converting a Fireplace to Gas

With a gas fireplace, all you do is flip a switch and you're warm. There's no hauling or chopping wood, no constant fire tending, no waiting for embers to die down, no ashes or messy clean up. 

Additionally, there are environmental benefits to natural gas. Because it's in its natural form, natural gas doesn't require expensive, pollution-causing processing and doesn't transfer emissions. That's why it's called the "most environmentally clean of all fossil fuels.

Heat During a Power Outage

Our fireplace inserts have standing pilot lights. These are millivolt systems that don't require electricity to function. You can use your gas fireplace as an auxiliary heating source during power outages.

Gas Fireplace Heat Output

Gas fireplaces give off heat, but the amount is dependent on the type of glass used and the BTU of the fireplace. A fireplace with a 21,000 BTU input, at about 70 percent efficiency, can heat up to 1,000 square feet in the average home.

Operating Costs

This depends primarily on the amount of time you use your fireplace. The average cost of a therm (100,000 BTU) of gas in the Twin Cities has been about $ .50. Therefore, the cost to operate a 25,000 BTU fireplace for one hour would be approximately $ .12.

Efficiency of gas fireplaces

Most gas fireplaces burn with a thermal efficiency of 70 percent or higher. Efficiency will vary depending on venting applications.

Home Service Plus offers Kozy Heat Fireplace Inserts

We sell and install Kozy Heat gas fireplace inserts . Kozy Heat products are manufactured in Minnesota and are renowned for their durable, high quality and beautifully detailed gas fireplaces and inserts.

Home Service Plus Service Areas

Anyone within the Twin Cities and select areas of greater Minnesota can purchase one of our gas fireplace inserts. Determine HSP services offered in your area.

Free In-Home Consultation

We'll send a sales representative to your home free of charge. They will help you determine the best gas fireplace or insert to suit your comfort needs and your decor.

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Gas Fireplace Service

Most manufacturers recommend annual maintenance by a qualified technician. HSP offers a Fireplace Tune Up Service .  

Additionally, you should clean the glass after the break-in period and once a year after that, depending upon how often you use the fireplace. 

The glass on my fireplace will be hot, caution should be taken with children and pets.

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