Hurricane Beryl Update

CenterPoint Energy appreciates your patience and support as we continue to restore power to affected customers across the Greater Houston area following Hurricane Beryl on July 8, 2024. If you are seeking assistance with food loss, property damage or other damages associated with the storm, we recommend contacting your insurance carrier to file a claim. Should you need a letter for your insurance company about the duration of the outage, please submit the request using our Online Claims Form. If you still would like to submit a damage claim to CenterPoint Energy, please note that under CenterPoint Energy’s Tariff, we are unable to reimburse customers for food and other losses associated with power outages.

Additionally, in a storm response situation, CenterPoint Energy may need to conduct emergency tree trimming to gain access to our equipment impacted by fallen/broken trees and vegetation. The storm debris will be left onsite for removal by the property owner.​

​If you believe CenterPoint Energy may have some responsibility for causing a loss you have experienced, or if you would like to report damage to CenterPoint Energy facilities, please read the following information before submitting a claim:

What is considered a claim for purposes of this process?

  • Property damage, auto damage, personal injury
  • Damage to CenterPoint Energy facilities caused by a third party

What is NOT a claim for purposes of this process?

  • Billing issues, power reliability, tree trim requests, employee complaints, identity theft. For assistance, please contact Customer Service at 800-332-7143 or online at Contact CenterPoint Energy.
  • If you are reporting an electric line down, gas blowing, or any other emergency, please call Customer Service at 713-207-2222 (electric) or 713-207-659-2111 (gas).

Claimant Responsibility

  • Mitigate damages and losses (I.e.: obtain ice to prevent food spoilage, tarp roof, secure property with temporary fencing etc.)
  • Make sure losses or expenses incurred because of an incident (such as storage costs, car rentals, hotel lodging, wage loss, etc.) are not accumulating excessively and are reasonable in relation to the loss.
  • Retain and provide copies of all receipts, invoices, and estimates.
  • Photograph/Video all damaged property.
  • File your claim in a timely manner.
  • Claims may be processed faster with more supporting evidence. Please provide all evidence you have for your claim.

CenterPoint Energy Responsibility

  • It is our policy to respond promptly to claims reported to CenterPoint Energy. We will strive to reach a decision regarding your claim within 7-10 business days of the initial claim submission, but in some cases, a lengthier investigation may be required. In all cases, you will be contacted once a final decision has been reached.
  • If liability is accepted, only Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your property will be paid. We do not pay Replacement Cash Value (RCV). Depreciation will be applied to damages.

Tariff Information

In our business, and as stated in CenterPoint Energy’s tariffs, while we work diligently to maintain safe and reliable service, we cannot and do not guarantee an uninterruptable supply of electric or gas service. CenterPoint Energy’s tariffs list the utility’s responsibilities, as well as consumer responsibilities, and exclude claims for certain types of damages. For example, under CenterPoint Energy’s electric tariff, we are unable to reimburse customers for food or other losses resulting from power outages. In addition, CenterPoint Energy’s tariffs may also limit liability in the following circumstances:

  • Equipment failures
  • Animal interference
  • Vandalism
  • Severe Weather
  • Acts of God, Riots, War
  • Causes beyond the control of the company (i.e.: electrical generation emergency, third party negligence such as cars striking poles or excavators hitting gas lines.)
  • Voltage Fluctuations and single phasing
  • Damage from electric meter exchanges or emergency restoration of services.
  • Vegetation debris left onsite following emergency power restoration.

Please see the applicable tariff for your region. The tariff has the force and effect of Law and will govern CenterPoint Energy’s response to your claim, where applicable:

Natural Gas Tariff Information

Electric Tariff Information


Disclaimer: This site contains copies of CenterPoint Energy's tariffs. The official tariffs are on file with the appropriate governing agency for each state. Although every effort has been made to ensure that the tariffs on this site are accurate and are updated on a timely basis, CenterPoint Energy does not warrant that they are identical in every respect to the official tariff on file with the appropriate governing agency for each state and expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any differences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I file a claim with an insurance company?

You have the option to refer your claim to your insurance company. The insurer may be able to reimburse you for your losses without an investigation and will, in some cases, pay replacement value for damaged items. CenterPoint Energy does not pay Replacement Cash Value (RCV). Your insurer may choose to follow up with CenterPoint Energy if the insurer believes that CenterPoint Energy caused or contributed to the damages that led to a loss.

How will the claims specialist contact me?

You will be contacted by the claim’s specialist via email, USPS Standard Mail or telephone. Please be sure to check your spam folder for any missing emails.

What if my claim is denied?

If your claim is denied, we will explain the reason for the denial. If the denial is based on the Tariff, which has the force and effect of law, a copy will be provided to you. You also have the right, at any time in the claims process, to file a court action, including a small claims action, according to the laws of your state.

Is there a time limit on filing a claim or court action?

You should submit a claim as soon as possible. Depending on the type of claim, it is possible to submit it too late. States have different statutes of limitations that require certain types of claims to be filed within a prescribed time period.

What documentation do I need to file a claim?

You can help us process your claim faster by completing the online form thoroughly. Include photographs as needed, and provide complete and accurate supporting documentation such as:

  • Property Damage — Detailed repair estimates and/or invoices or purchase records (make sure to indicate model number, serial numbers, and year of any equipment for which you are seeking compensation). Take photos of the damaged items, if possible.
  • Personal Injury — Copy of medical records and receipts
  • Lost Wages — The amount of time that you were unable to work due to personal injury, verification of lost time from your employer, and payroll stubs showing your hourly or daily pay rate. The time you spend pursuing your claim is not compensable.
  • Lost Revenues — Tax records and/or bank statements, payroll records, revenue and expense statements, and sales receipts.
  • Miscellaneous Losses — Hotel and restaurant receipts, car rental receipts, etc..