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Time for the Grill Like A Boss Contest!
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Your safety is our priority
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Learn what to do if you smell natural gas
Your safety is our priority
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Investing in safe, reliable natural gas
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See our innovative lead detection technology at work
Investing in safe, reliable natural gas
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Don't be left in the dark
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With a natural gas generator, your power’s on when the power is out
Don't be left in the dark
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Shared Impact
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Our 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report is now available.
Shared Impact
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Natural Gas
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Natural Gas
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Home Services
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 ‭(Hidden)‬ Electric Reliability



If the power goes off… your life goes on!

Get a natural gas generator and say goodbye to the hassle of untangling extension cords, lugging gas cans and searching for flashlights if you lose power.

We’re making it easier to live worry-free with these great limited time offers: 

  • Save up to $1,500 off any qualifying natural gas generator
  • Get a Free 5-year extended warranty 

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Stay Safe and Smart

​​Our new all-ages interactive website features activities, games and videos to help increase awareness of natural gas safety, energy conservation and industry careers.

​Visit Safe and Smart today.


Natural Gas Safety

​​​​​​​​​​Natural gas is one of the safest fuels available.  Learn more​ about how to stay safe near natural gas: