Welcome Vectren Customers!
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Enjoy the best in customer service, energy delivery and value.
Welcome Vectren Customers!
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Welcome Vectren Customers

You might have heard that CenterPoint Energy and Vectren have finalized our merge. It’s an incredible opportunity and a major step towards leading the nation in energy delivery, service and value.

While we’ve added “a CenterPoint Energy company” to our name, you can still reach us the same way. Our phone numbers, social media, website, and office locations will stay the same. You’ll receive and pay your bill the same way, too.

You can continue to manage your Vectren account information at Vectren.com.

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Watch How our Combined Resources Enhance Service

A Message from our President and CEO, Scott M. Prochazka

With the merger, we’re not only bigger — we’re getting better. We are a strong, diversified company with compelling advantages and benefits. Our competitive energy footprint is in nearly 40 states.



Energy Safety

Every day we depend upon natural gas and electricity to keep our lives running. When used properly, we gain many benefits, but with improper use, negligence can lead to fires, shocks and injuries.

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