In the market for a new vehicle? Major automakers have added NGVs to their production lines, and there are a number of conversion options for most light and medium duty vehicles. Learn more about available NGV vehicles and detailed guidance about converting existing vehicles.

  • ​Model availability: In the U.S., about 50 manufacturers produce 100 models of light- medium- and heavy-duty natural gas vehicles and engines.


State governments, as well as many regional and local governments, offer incentives for buying and operating natural gas vehicles​. These incentives can include tax deductions/credits, reduced license fees, reduced vehicle sale taxes, lower registration fees.​

  • Cost savings: Natural gas costs less than gasoline or diesel and offers businesses better price stability.
  • Environmental benefits: Natural Gas and Renewable Natural Gas provide CO2 and greenhouse gas emission reductions compared to diesel. 
    • Up to 382% for RNG
    • 17% for CNG
    • 11% for LNG
  • Financial incentives: Federal and state incentives may be available to offset the initial higher costs of purchasing NGVs, and future fuel cost savings should be factored in.
  • Volkswagon Trust Action


  • Fueling stations: There are more than 1,600 CNG and 140 LNG fueling stations in the U.S. and refueling appliances are available for home use.
  • Re-fueling: The re-fueling process for NGVs is very similar to gasoline vehicles, but it can also be accomplished from a home fueling station.​

For more information about natural gas vehicles, visit transportproject.org.​