​​Investing for today and beyond

Pipeline Workers 

We are ensuring the safety and reliability of our natural gas system and building stronger connections with our customers by innovating beyond today. Our customers and the communities we serve are benefiting from the approximately $635 million investments we're making t​his year on several multi-year capital projects. Investments include:​

  • Growing and modernizing our infrastructure by replacing old pipe with safer and more reliable pipe as well as constructing new mains and service lines
  • ​Operationalizing our investment in state-of-the-art drive-by leak surveying technology, which is a thousand times more sensitive than current technologies and which is used to prioritize pipeline replacements and aids in our emission-reduction efforts
  • Extending radio-based, drive-by system monitoring technology for cathodic protection and other uses
  • Upgrading our mobile data technology for efficient work order management and service delivery while automating work order processes
  • Enhancing our customer self-service experience with an online service appointment scheduler; the option to receive emails and text message reminders for bill due dates; and a new, natural language automated phone system
  • Constructing a new natural gas service center in Katy, Texas
Our investments in technology and infrastructure and the hard work of our dedicated employees have helped us achieve being ranked the #1 investor-owned utility in the U.S. by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.​