​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Understanding the Cost of Natural Gas

CenterPoint Energy is committed to delivering safe, reliable, sustainable natural gas to meet your energy needs.

The price of natural gas is influenced by the market forces of supply and demand. The price that CenterPoint Energy pays is the same price you are charged, with no mark-up. Your bill also includes additional charges related to delivery, taxes and other costs.

The amount below is a combination of these lines on your natural gas bill (which are based on the volume of gas you use): Delivery charge, Decoupling adjustment, Gas Affordability Program (GAP), Feb 2021 Weather Event, and Cost of gas.

​ ​ Residential Natural Gas Prices​​ (per therm* of natural gas)

​​July 2022 ​June 2022 ​July 2021

*Therm is the heating value of gas

​​​​​​Learn What You're Paying For

Your Gas Dollar

Every dollar on your natural gas bill can be divided into three parts: Cost of natural gas; operations, maintenance and delivery; and taxes.*

  • CenterPoint Energy passes its cost of gas – about half of your total bill – on to you without any mark-up.
  • About 38 cents goes towards the cost of bringing gas to your home, maintaining a safe and reliable system, and investing in new infrastructure and technology.
  • Taxes account for the remaining 12 cents.

To learn more about the cost of natural gas in Minnesota​.

​​*The costs listed are averages across CenterPoint Energy companies in Minnesota and are for illustration purposes only. Specific costs are found on page 2 of your natural gas bill.