When it comes to your home's heating system, "waiting for a break" is a potentially high-cost, stressful approach to heating maintenance.

The Heating Tune-up plan offers you a value-driven way to help:

  • Maximize your heating system efficiency
  • Reduce the chance of a breakdown
  • Help extend its life

For just $9.99/month $4.99/month1​, the 18-point Heating Tune-Up plan from HomeServe provides a thorough, maintenance check of your heating system from a local, licensed contractor you can trust. To get started, simply sign into My Account and then enroll in the optional Heating Tune-Up plan*.

Heating Tune-up
$9.99/month $4.99/month1

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*30-day waiting period for repairs after enrollment

1​As a CenterPoint Energy customer, your rate is only $4.99 per month* a savings of 50% off the first year. Savings as compared to the renewal price. You will be automatically renewed annually at the then-current renewal price (currently $9​.99 per month, plus any applicable taxes).

Why Use a Tune-up Plan for Preventive Heating System Maintenance?

With a Heating Tune-Up you get these benefits:

  • Affordable, budget friendly maintenance
  • Trusted local, licensed and insured contractors

What is Covered

  1. Check thermostat operation
  2. Check system temperature split
  3. Check voltage and amperage to all motors
  4. Inspect disconnect
  5. Inspect fuses
  6. Inspect wiring
  7. Inspect contactors
  8. Inspect relays
  9. Inspect pressure controls
  10. Inspect electrical safety circuits
  11. Inspect indoor blower and motor for dirt buildup
  12. Inspect bearings
  13. Inspect burners
  14. Inspect duct seal at unit
  15. Inspect secure panels
  16. Clean condensate line, burner (if necessary)
  17. Replace filter (customer supplied replacement filter)
  18. Run and test system
Diagram of gas lines in your home

Enrollment in the Heating Tune-Up plan is totally optional and it can be combined with a heating and cooling repair plan.

Important Information


CenterPoint Energy natural gas customers who own a residential home, are solely responsible for its repairs, and are not aware of any current heating system problems may be eligible.

You are not eligible for this coverage if you have a heating with a furnace or boiler that is rated at inputs of 400,000-800,000 BTU/hr, or more; or is a rooftop, through-the-wall, hanging, ductless, geothermal heat pump, combination ambient heat/domestic hot water heating, or oil unit.


Any work that is not expressly stated to be included in the Heating Tune-Up coverage 18-point checklist above.

*Plan includes one annual Heating system tune-up. View Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Making a Service Call

Your plan starts the day your order is processed. There is an initial 30-day waiting period before you can schedule a service call, providing 11 months of coverage during the first year. Upon renewal/reactivation (if applicable), there is no waiting period.


Cancel any time by calling HomeServe at 1-833-808-6705. If you cancel within 30 days of your start date, you will get a full refund (less cost of work provided, where applicable). Cancellations after the first 30 days will be effective at the end of the then-current billing month, and you will get a pro-rata refund (less cost of work provided), where applicable.


The plan is annual. Unless you cancel, your plan automatically renews annually at the then-current renewal price and is billed monthly through your utility bill. HomeServe is an independent company, separate from CenterPoint Energy.



​HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp. ("HomeServe"), with corporate offices located at 601 Merritt 7, 6th Floor, Norwalk, CT 06851, is an independent company separate from CenterPoint Energy and offers this optional service plan as an authorized representative of the contract issuer, National Home Repair Warranty, Inc., 59 Maiden Lane, 43rd Floor, New York, NY 10038. Your choice of whether to participate in this service plan will not affect the price, availability or terms of service from CenterPoint Energy.