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All home appliances eventually deteriorate. You know it’s going to happen sooner or later; the only question is what to do about it?

You have basically two options: do nothing and pay the repair bill when it comes due, or sign up for a repair plan. 

If you choose the latter, there are a couple different types of service you can sign up for. Home repair plans offer numerous benefits and may be the best choice for you. 

What is a home repair plan?

Also called a home protection plan, a home repair plan is similar to a home warranty plan. It’s a monthly subscription service for repair, maintenance and/or replacement for one or several major appliances and home systems. When a covered item breaks, depending on your plan, your provider sends a technician to your home to solve the problem. 

Although many home appliances come with warranties on them from the manufacturer, these typically last only a year or two, after which coverage becomes more and more limited. Because major appliances may  last 10 to 20 years, odds are high that the majority of appliances in your house are out of warranty from the manufacturer. 

Why would you need a home repair plan?

Machines break down; it’s an inescapable fact of life and home ownership. A home repair plan is simply one way to prepare for this eventuality. But instead of saving loose change in a jar for when the refrigerator stops running, a home repair plan can secure assistance from a reputable home contractor in getting it running again or getting it replaced quickly and effectively.  

It decreases your risk of major expenses

Major appliance repairs–especially on an emergency basis or outside of normal business hours–can cost thousands of dollars. A home repair plan is a way to avoid those huge bills by paying a small amount over time. Even better, your cost won’t go up if you need service on a holiday or weekend.

You can enjoy the benefits without the pain of deductibles or trip charges

Under some home warranty plans, you might have to pay a “trip charge” payment for a technician to come and check out the problem. Be sure to calculate this cost (or additional deductibles) when considering the purchase of a home warranty plan. 

Our home repair plans are different - there are no trip charges or deductibles that have to be met before work is done. You simply call us to schedule an appointment, a tech comes out and all parts and labor are covered under your plan, assuming the repair is for a covered appliance. 

You get labor and parts covered

Some home warranty plans may include only the basic aspects of a repair or installation, with ancillary–but necessary–parts and the labor to install them your financial obligation. 

Our home repair plans include all the parts and labor required to get the appliance working, so you don’t have to worry about random exclusions that may not be covered under a home warranty. 

Stay warm this winter thanks to functioning heating equipment

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Few environments are more miserable than a house with no heat in the dead of winter. For children, seniors and ill people it can even be dangerous. Fortunately, our home repair plans cover the most important home systems, including the furnace. Experts recommend furnaces should be serviced at least once per year to keep them efficient and extend their lifetime.

Customized plans give you what you need, and nothing you don’t

One of the best aspects of our home repair plans is the ability to tailor coverage to exactly the items you want to choose. 

Many warranties allow you to add on aspects of your home such as sump pumps, pest control, carpet cleaning and lawn sprinklers, but you can only do so after purchasing the warranty itself. And with home warranties’ trip charges and regular parts and labor expenses, your costs can start to add up quickly. 

With our repair plans, you can get the coverage you need without paying for more coverage than you need. 

There’s transparent pricing

Our home repair plans offer a set price for home systems or appliances that you elect to cover. 

You won’t need to find a repair technician

Our home repair plans can be relied upon to subcontract with trusted local businesses that have been thoroughly vetted and possibly even trained by us. 

Explore Home Service Plus® home repair plans

CenterPoint Energy is pleased to offer homeowners multiple options for protecting themselves from heavy out-of-pocket expenses for covered appliances. As Minnesota’s largest provider of home appliance repairs, replacement and maintenance, you can count on us. We offer several plans for coverage of a wide range of items, from the furnace and boiler to specifics such as natural gas pipes and main drain cleaning. 

Whether you’re after the broadest amount of coverage, the best value, or the most affordable entry price, our plans deliver expert repair work by seasoned technicians any time, day or night. Plans are free from trip charges or deductibles with labor and parts covered.