​To start electric service for a premise where a meter is already install​ed, follow the​​se easy steps:​​

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​​Choose a Retail Electric Pr​ovider. 

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​​Contact the Retail Electr​ic Provider.

  • ​Complete an application to have electric service turned on.More Information​​​
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​​​What's next?

  • ​​The Retail Electric Provider will send the start service order to CenterPoint Energy.​More Information

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​The start service order is received by CenterPoint Energy.

  • Once the order is received by CenterPoint Energy, we will turn on the electric service on the date requested -- weather and workload permitting.
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Stay informed with outage notifications via Power Alert Service.

  • Log in or register for My Account.
  • Link your new electric account and follow the prompts to enroll in Power Alert Service.
  • Select outage notifications by email, phone or text.
    Note: Even if you had Power Alert Service at your previous address, you need to re-register for your new address.​​​​​
Note: When switching from one Retail Electric Provider to another, you must contact the new provider.​

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    If you want to start electric service for a premise where there is no meter installed, click here​​
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