​​How electricity gets to you

See how we deliver electricity  

How does electricity reach my home or business?​

  1. ​​Large, centralized power plants generate electricity.
  2. High-voltage transmission lines transmit electricity from the power plants to distribution substations.
  3. The distribution substations transform and route electricity to medium-voltage distribution lines, which distribute the electricity throughout cities and neighborhoods. For safety, each distribution line is protected by a circuit breaker in the substation.
  4. Service transformers receive electricity from the distribution lines. Electricity continues traveling through overhead or underground wires connected to your Smart Meter. Typically, ownership and responsibility of the wires becomes the customer’s responsibility near the Smart Meter – this is known as the point of service.
  5. Electricity flows along conductors, from the point of service to the main panel. The main panel contains the main breaker, providing protection for the entire home or building.​​

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