​​​​​​​Strengthening the grid​​​

​CenterPoint Energy is proud of building Houston’s smart grid, and we never stop improving it. We continuously improve the quality and reliability of your electricity service with major initiatives:

  • ​​​​​Installation of 2.4 million smart meters: Automatic outage notifications are possible.
  • Implementing Power Alert Service: Giving you the option of free power outage notifications and estimated down-time via text, email or phone.
  • Managing trees & vegetation: Trimming 1 million trees each year to increase the reliability and safety of your electricity.
  • Upgrading poles & equipment: Inspecting, replacing and upgrading utility poles and electrical equipment to improve the quality and reliability of your electricity.
  • LED Street Light Conversion: Converting 176,000 street lights to LED for improved performance and sustainability – with less cost!

Successful projects are a big part of the reason CenterPoint Energy was chosen winner of the

  • ​ISGAN 2016 Award of Excellence (press release​),
  • GSGF Best Smart Grid Project for 2016,
  • POWERGRID International’s 2016 Project of the Year for grid optimization, and​
  • Frost & Sullivan’s Excellence in Resourcefulness Best Practice Award.

Awards are nice, but we tirelessly build and modernize the smart grid to benefit you – not for recognition. 

Still curious about how​​ we serve Houston Metro?