Tips that can help make a difference in the amount of electricity you use and money you save.

FREE A/C Tune-Ups

Just as a tune-up for your car can improve your gas mileage, a yearly tune-up of your heating and cooling system can improve efficiency and comfort.

A Coolsaver A/C Tune-up may improve the cooling output and efficiency of your air conditioning unit by up to 27 percent. A Coolsaver qualified technician will identify ways to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and implement any recommended improvements.


Offer is available to customers within the CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric's service territory (excluding apartments) who have:

  • A central A/C or heat pump that is at least one year old and operating at the time of service
  • Individual A/C systems that are no larger than 5 tons for residential customers
  • NOT received a Coolsaver A/C Tune-up in the past 5 years.

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Consider investing in an Energy Star certified a smart thermostat to preset your home's heating and cooling temperatures around your schedule. This simple change can provide household comfort, real energy savings and lower energy bills because optimal temperatures are only in-use when the home is occupied.

Save Money on LED Lighting

Receive a discount when you buy various types of ENERGY STAR labeled LED lamps at participating retailers in Houston.

The discount to the purchase price applies at the register of the eligible LED product.

Go to for information on:

  • Participating retailers
  • Eligible lamp types and applications
  • Bulb equivalents

To purchase LED bulbs from an online marketplace, visit

For more information about how you can save on lighting contact us.


Sealing air leaks around your home and adding insulation can help maintain the desired temperature throughout your home more effectively making your home more comfortable and provide savings on your energy bills.

  • Install foam gaskets behind electrical outlets and switchplates to seal air leaks. Look for an Underwriters Laboratories ® (UL) listed fire-retardant plastic foam gasket
  • Add or replace pipe insulation in your existing space heating or domestic hot water system to reduce heat loss through the pipes
  • Prevent air leaks by checking and repairing all cracked, separated or missing exterior caulking and weather stripping, especially around windows and entry doors
  • Check roof and soffit vents for possible air-flow obstructions

Select from our list of approved insulation professionals to get started!

Pool Pumps

Your pool pump could be your home’s second largest energy user, costing you nearly $500 in energy every year!

Variable Speed Pool Pumps:

  • Use up to 70% less energy than standard pool pumps
  • Save you up to $350 per year in energy bills
  • Provide a return on investment in less than two years
  • Reduce the energy required for filtration, cleaning and circulation of swimming pool water
  • Operate more quietly
  • Have a longer useful life

How Do Variable Speed Pool Pumps Save Energy?

Conventional pool pumps use the same high pump speed regardless of the task assigned even though filtration, the number one task of a pool pump, requires one-half the speed (using one-eighth the power) of pool vacuuming. Variable speed pool pumps deliver the right speed for different tasks, using much less energy.

Is it Time to Take the Plunge?

Does your pool pump show these warning signs of wearing out and wasting energy?:

  • Seems less powerful than in the past
  • Makes noise
  • Occasionally gets hot and shuts off
  • Won’t start or starts slowly
  • Is seven to ten years old

If so, it could be time to call a pool services contractor. Select from our list of approved pool pump providers to get started!

Windows, Doors, and Skylights

Installing ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors, and skylights can shrink energy bills — and carbon footprints — by an average of 12 percent nationwide, and up to 31 percent in the Houston zone, compared to non-certified products.

Check out the benefits of installing ENERGY STAR® certified windows, doors, and skylights list of approved installers to get started!

Refrigeration Recycling

Got an old fridge?

It’s time to flip it! Refrigerators over 10 years old could be costing you about $110 per year to operate. Get rid of that old energy wasting refrigerator and replace it with a new ENERGY STAR certified model. Not only will you enjoy a new, state-of-the-art fridge, but you’ll also save energy and money (more than $270 over the next 5 years!) while doing something good for the environment. You could save even more money with available recycling rebates.

Select from our list of approved refrigerator recycling professionals to get started!

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Did you know that heating and cooling represents about 50 percent of your home's energy use?!

Follow these easy tips to optimize your heating and cooling equipment:

  • Keep your HVAC system clean including filters, fans, ducts and vents
  • Clean or change filters monthly or as recommended by the manufacturer during heating and cooling seasons (at a minimum, change the filter every 3 months)
  • Keep the condensation drain open
  • Do not block air circulation from vents or cold air returns with furniture or window coverings
  • Have your system maintained by a professional certified air conditioning dealer annually.

Ducts that move air to-and-from a forced air furnace, central air conditioner, or heat pumps are sources for air leakage. Have a HVAC professional test your ducts for leaks; sealing and insulating ducts can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by as much as 20 percent — and sometimes much more!

When it comes time to replace your HVAC equipment, SEER matters. SEER, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is the measurement of your air conditioning system’s cooling efficiency. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the system. The current minimum standard for an air conditioner in Texas is 14.5 SEER.

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ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes

What makes ENERGY STAR® certified homes different from other homes on the market?

An ENERGY STAR® certified home is one that has been tested and approved for specific ratings related to insulation, heating & cooling systems, indoor appliances, water conservation, moisture control, construction elements,and overall energy usage.

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Learn more about why CenterPoint Energy has been chosen ENERGY STAR® "Partner of the Year" for 14 consecutive years here.

Buying or Building a New Home?

CenterPoint Energy promotes local builders who build and certify high performance and ENERGY STAR ® homes. These homes use less energy than those built to the Texas residential building code, providing you with a more comfortable home that operates for less money.

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