Smart Thermostat Rebate

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Improve the energy efficiency of your home's heating and cooling by installing a programmable smart thermostat! A programmable thermostat helps you save money by providing easier, greater temperature control throughout your home, and CenterPoint Energy helps you save on energy costs with a residential smart thermostat rebate!

CenterPoint Energy's thermostat rebate helps you save $75 on one of the easiest ways to save energy.

Rebate Programmable thermostat type
$75Wi-Fi learning


Get an instant thermostat rebate

We’ve made it easy for you to get an instant rebate up to $75. By buying your qualifying thermostat through our partner site, the rebate amount will be applied before the sale—no paperwork and no waiting. Click the link to get started.

Thermostat requirements:

  • Must be installed in home with natural gas furnace as primary heating source
  • The thermostat must have additional energy savings and customer engagement features. List of eligible thermostats
  • Rebate cannot exceed purchase price of the product
  • Refurbished models are not eligible for this rebate
  • Can be purchased and installed by a customer
  • Or be installed by a dealer with or without a heating system installation
  • Must be programmable, internet capable and currently manufactured

Work with your local dealer or retailer to select the best thermostat for your needs.

How the Program Works

  1. Review Terms and Conditions on the rebate application.
  2. Buy and install a new qualifying thermostat Jan. 1 - Dec. 31.
  3. Complete the application below. Simply type your information in the interactive fields and then print your completed form. Please review all program guidelines and requirements on the back of the rebate application.
  4. Thermostat Rebate Form
  5. Include a copy of your dated receipt/sales invoice from the dealer or retailer. The dated receipt/sales invoice must list the qualifying thermostat and correspond with the equipment listed on the application. Mail the completed application, including required signatures along with the dated receipt/sales invoice by Dec. 31 to:

  6. Thermostat Rebate Program
    CenterPoint Energy
    PO Box 59038
    Minneapolis, MN 55459-0038

  7. Allow 12 weeks for rebate processing from the time that CenterPoint Energy receives the complete rebate application.

Please note: This rebate offer is only available for Mississippi customers who receive natural gas service from CenterPoint Energy. Rebates are paid on a first-come, first-served basis.

CenterPoint Energy cannot guarantee energy savings and does not rebate equipment installed under warranty.



​​​​​All rebates must be submitted by Dec. 31, 2023.