​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Air Sealing and Insulation Rebate

Get a rebate up to $1,100

CenterPoint Energy offers a rebate for residential air sealing and insulation upgrades. Qualifying upgrades to the attic or the exterior walls of your home can improve comfort, lower your utility bills, and earn you a rebate check from CenterPoint Energy.

Rebate Amounts



Attic air sealing only


Attic air sealing + qualifying attic insulation


Attic insulation only

No rebate available

Qualifying wall insulation


​Rim Joist insulation*​$100 only as an add-on with one of the measures above.

*Not available as stand-alone rebate.

Before You Get Started

To learn more about how to make your home more energy efficient, including how to prevent the heat leakage that contributes to ice dams, get a Home Energy Squad​ visit from CenterPoint Energy.

Schedule a visit by calling our vendor: 651-328-6220

Note: CenterPoint Energy highly recommends getting a Home Energy Squad visit before you move forward with a major improvement project, however, it is not required in order to participate in the Air Sealing and Insulation rebate program.​

Step 1: Contact a Re​bate Eligible Installer

To qualify for a CenterPoint Energy rebate, your upgrade project must be completed by a Rebate Eligible Installer. We recommend you get multiple bids before deciding which Rebate Eligible Installer you will work with.

St​​​​ep 2: Complete a Qualifying Upgrade Project

To qualify for a CenterPoint Energy rebate, your upgrade project must be completed by a Rebate Eligible Installer. 

Qualifying Attic Weatherization Projects:

  • Must include air sealing of all accessible attic air leaks. No rebate will be issued for attic upgrade projects that do not include sealing of all accessible attic air leaks.​
  • May also include attic insulation improved from a pre-existing R-value of R-30 or lower to a post R-value of R-49 or higher. No rebate will be issued for attic-insulation-only upgrade projects.

Qualifying Wall Insulation Projects:

  • Are available only for homes improved from an insulation level of R-5 or less to a level of R-11 or more.
  • Must improve substantial areas of inadequately insulated exterior wall space
  • Attic knee walls are excluded from this portion of the rebate program. 

Rebate application forms are available from your Rebate Eligible Installer.

Step 3: Submit Application and Receive Rebate

  • Your Rebate Eligible Installer will submit your rebate application (including electronic copy of the dated invoice) through our online rebate processing system by ​​December 31. 
  • We’ll notify you when the rebate application has been submitted and again when payment is approved. Note: providing your installer with your email address allows for faster notification.
  • Receive your rebate check within eight weeks of when we get the completed rebate application.​

Rebate Program Terms and Conditions

Contractors Interested in Becoming Rebate Eligible Installers​

  • Contact Crystal Manik at CenterPoint Energy at 612-321-4849 to get started.
  • Installer crew leaders must have active RBE-WHALCI (Residential Building Envelope Whole House Air Leakage Control Installer) certification from the Building Performance Institute - this is a rebate program pre-requisite.

All rebates must be submitted by December 31 in the calendar year of installation. ​