Air sealing and insulation rebate

Are you noticing higher energy bills? Start saving and keep your home comfortable with home insulation. Rebates available up to $3,000!

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Rebate amounts



Attic air sealing only


Attic air sealing + qualifying attic insulation


Attic insulation only

No rebate available

Qualifying wall insulation


​Rim Joist insulation* ​$200 only as an add-on with one of the measures above.

*Not available as a stand-alone rebate.

Before you get started

CenterPoint Energy highly recommends getting a Home Energy Squad visit to learn what energy efficiency upgrades are right for you before you move forward with a major home improvement project. However, this is not required to receive a rebate. 

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Step 1: Contact a Re​bate Eligible Installer

To qualify for a CenterPoint Energy rebate, your upgrade project must be completed by a Rebate Eligible Installer. We recommend you get multiple bids before deciding which installer you will work with.

Are you a contractor interested in becoming a Rebate Eligible Installer? 

  • Contact Crystal Manik at CenterPoint Energy at 612-321-4849 or email to get started.
  • Installer Crew Leaders must have active ALLI (Air Leakage Control Installer), Envelop Professional, or Building Analyst Professional certification from the Building Performance Institute - this is a rebate program pre-requisite.​ ​​​

See Rebate Eligible Installers

St​​​​ep 2: Complete a qualifying upgrade project

To qualify for a CenterPoint Energy rebate, your upgrade project must be completed by a Rebate Eligible Installer.

Qualifying attic weatherization projects:

  • Must include air sealing of all accessible attic air leaks. No rebate will be issued for attic upgrade projects that do not include sealing of all accessible attic air leaks.​
  • Must include pre and post blower door testing.
  • May also include attic insulation improved from a pre-existing R-value of R-30 or lower to a post R-value of R-49 or higher. No rebate will be issued for attic-insulation-only upgrade projects.

Qualifying wall insulation projects:

  • Are available only for homes improved from an insulation level of R-5 or less to a level of R-11 or more.
  • Must improve substantial areas of inadequately insulated exterior wall space.
  • Attic knee walls are excluded from this portion of the rebate program.

Rebate application forms are available from your Rebate Eligible Installer.

Step 3: Submit application and receive rebate
  • Your Rebate Eligible Installer will submit your rebate application (including electronic copy of the dated invoice) through our online rebate processing system by ​​December 31. 
  • We’ll notify you when the rebate application has been submitted and again when payment is approved. Note: providing your installer with your email address allows for faster notification.
  • Receive your rebate check within eight weeks of when we get the completed rebate application.​

Rebate Program Terms and Conditions

Do you have questions about the program?​

Contact Crystal Manik at CenterPoint Energy at 612-321-4849 or email to get started.

All rebates must be submitted by December 31 in the calendar year of installation. ​