​​​​​​Build in the benefits of natural gas​​​

Choose natural gas for your new home and enjoy the benefits of using a high-efficiency heating system, water heater, d​ryer, range and other appliances.

Make a smart decision and increase the value of your home by choosing natural gas.

  • ​Enjoy energy cost savings
  • Discover greater comfort thanks to the high performance of natural gas appliances and amenities

At CenterPoint Energy we’re here to help. Just use our Find A Builder tool below to locate a builder with homes featuring natural gas. You can search based on your choice of region, city or zip code.

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Built-in comfort and savings

Once you're moved into your newly built house, you'll discover why homeowners across the country love natural gas:

  • Greater cost-savings: Households that use natural gas for heating, cooking and clothes drying can save nearly $7001 in Texas annually compared to homes using electricity for those jobs.
  • Comfort and reliability: Natural gas provides fast, even heating. Natural gas lines are buried underground so they are more resilient to outages caused by severe weather.
  • Environmental impact: Natural gas is the least carbon-intensive “fossil fuel.” Since 2005, the change from other fuel sources to natural gas in energy generation has reduced carbon emissions by billions of metric tons, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
  • Enhanced resale: Prospective homebuyers desire homes with natural gas appliances. In a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, buyer preferences exceeded 76% for natural gas water heating and cooking. When it comes to adding value to an existing home, the majority of real estate agents surveyed by real estate technology company HomeLight​ attested that natural gas is the winner for both indoor and outdoor fireplace.
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Natural gas appliances and home systems

Add comfort, savings, efficiency and increased value throughout your home, while reducing your impact on the environment when you choose natural gas, the cleanest burning fossil fuel.


Gas fireplace in white brick wall

Enjoy instant startup, adjustable heat and zero fuss with a natural gas fireplace. Learn how to shop for, maintain and vent yours with our guide.

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Home heating

Homeowner adjusting boiler settings

Whether forced-air furnace, boiler or hybrid, choose a high efficiency natural gas heating system for your home.

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Water heaters

Water flowing from shower head

Natural gas water heaters recover quickly–a 40-gallon model can completely replenish in roughly one hour. Explore other benefits, a buying guide, sizing tips, energy-saving advice and more.

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Start, stop or transfer your services

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Using natural gas safely

Natural gas is used safely in millions of homes and businesses around the world and CenterPoint Energy invests in pipeline and other infrastructure improvements for the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to our customers. But as with any energy source, it’s important to understand basic safety practices for using natural gas in your home.

Make sure you are familiar with the proper operation of your gas equipment and use a professional service technician to perform scheduled maintenance and repairs. Know where your appliance shut-off valves are located and who to call for help and other important information.

If you ever detect a smell like rotten eggs in your home, you could have a gas leak. Leave your home immediately on foot and call CenterPoint Energy or 911 from a safe, remote location.

If you are planning on adding new landscaping or other home improvements that involve digging, always call or click 811​​ at least two days before starting to have your buried utility lines marked.

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