​​Build in the benefits of natural gas​​​

Choose natural gas for your new home and enjoy the benefits of using a high-efficiency heating system, water heater, d​ryer, range and other appliances.

Make a smart decision and increase the value of your home by choosing natural gas.

  • ​Greater cost-savings
  • Comfort
  • Environmental impact
  • Future home value

At CenterPoint Energy we’re here to help. Just use our Find A Builder tool below to locate a builder with homes featuring natural gas. You can search based on your choice of city.

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Natural Gas Appliances​​

Add comfort, savings, efficiency and increased value throughout your home, while reducing your impact on the environment.

Home Heating Options​​

Choose a natural gas heating system for your home and reduce the environmental impact and payback.

Natural Gas Water Heaters

Enjoy the benefits of using natural gas water heaters over electric water heater like faster recovery times and more hot water available.

Natural Gas Fireplaces​​

Spend time with family by the warm fire and protect the environment.

Start, Stop or Transfer Your Services​​​

Start, stop or transfer your service using these online forms.

Natural Gas S​afety​

Learn about using natural gas safely, where to call if you suspect a gas leak, locating underground utility lines and other important safety tips.