​​​​​​Excess flow valves​

How excess flow valves can affect you

Excess flow valves are devices that can be installed by CenterPoint Energy on your home’s or business’ natural gas service line (the underground line that runs from the main line to the meter).

  • Excess flow valves are designed to automatically activate and restrict natural gas flow when it exceeds prescribed limits, such as when a service line is damaged due to excavation or other similar activity. Excess flow valves are not able to protect against leaks beyond the meter assembly (i.e., your house piping).

  • These devices help prevent the buildup of gas — reducing the chance of natural gas fires and explosions, personal injury and property damage. With or without an excess flow valve, these damages can be avoided by following the law and calling 811 (or your local One Call Center) to mark the location of underground utilities at least 48 hours (two working days) before excavation.

  • On existing service lines, it’s up to the customer (that’s you!) to choose to install one at his or her own expense. Only CenterPoint Energy can install an excess flow valve. Cost can vary depending on how difficult the installation is, but most CenterPoint Energy customers can expect an average price of about $800. Once installed, there is no cost to the customer to maintain. Installation will occur on a mutually agreeable date.

  • Due to operating characteristics and limitations, in some instances, excess flow valves cannot be installed. Each situation will be evaluated upon request.

Are you curious if your home or business has an excess flow valve? Want to learn more about having one installed? Contact CenterPoint Energy or check out frequently asked questions​.