​​​​​​​Clogged Sewer or Septic Line?

Contact CenterPoint Energy ​if a natural gas line is involved. 

Although it is an unusual situation, there may be a few instances a year where a sewer or septic line ​​blockage occurs as a result of a contractor’s excavation activities during construction – resulting in potential hazards associated with natural gas and sewer or septic lines intersecting underground.  CenterPoint Energy is resolved to take action to remedy a situation upon notification to prevent an accident from occurring.

If your sewer or septic line does back-up, CenterPoint Energy warns customers and plumbing contractors against trying to drill through a blockage.  In order to have CenterPoint Energy locate its underground natural gas facilities to help determine and prevent potential damage to the natural gas lines that could result in leakage, call 811 or your local One-Call center, at no cost to you, prior to any excavation or projects that might involve underground utilities or pipelines. 

If you have concerns about whether a natural gas line has crossed your sewer or septic line, contact a qualified professional plumber or contractor. A professional plumber can perform a sewer or septic line inspection with a camera that will inspect the inside of a sewer or septic pipe. 

If the qualified contractor discovers an issue with any CenterPoint Energy natural gas piping, the company will work closely with that professional to resolve the issue. We have notified sewer contractors and plumbers that they should call CenterPoint Energy if they need assistance. We have qualified personnel who are available to assist 24 hours/7 days a week.