​Electric Meter Safety

Electric Meter SafetyMeters and other electrical equipment may be located on the outside of a home or building. The meter measures the amount of electricity used. Never tamper with this or any electrical equipment. It is illegal to tamper with the meter.

CenterPoint Energy owns and is responsible for installing and maintaining the meter. The customer owns and is responsible for installing and maintaining its electrical equipment, including but not limited to, the weatherhead, meter can, breaker box (including the breakers within) and in most cases the underground residential service drops. The customer should contact a qualified electrician to address problems or issues with customer-owned equipment.

Winter Meter Safety

During cold weather, heavy snow and ice can build up on or near natural gas meters causing potentially dangerous conditions and equipment malfunctions.

Although designed to withstand winter weather, meters have a vent that regulates gas pressure and it must not be blocked by snow or ice to work properly.

Follow these simple steps to prevent weather-related meter problems:

  • Don’t pile snow on or near the natural gas meter. Maintain a clear path to the meter to allow access in an emergency.
  • Don’t use a snowplow or snowblower near the meter. Instead, carefully shovel around the meter and move snow away from it. Use a broom or brush to gently clear snow or ice from the top of the meter and piping.
  • Mark the meter. Especially for business properties and parking lots, place high-visibility safety flags by natural gas meters and regulators to mark their location and prevent snowplows from hitting them. If a meter is located where it is at risk of being hit by a vehicle, a bollard may be needed for protection. Contact CenterPoint Energy for assistance.
  • Never kick or hit the meter or its piping with a shovel, hammer or any hard object to break away built-up snow or ice.
  • Call CenterPoint Energy at 888-876-5786 for assistance if a meter is coated with ice or it is directly below a downspout or a roof valley with a gutter, or the overhang or eaves do not fully extend over the meter. These conditions put the meter at risk of ice build-up.

If you suspect a natural gas leak, leave the area immediately on foot and tell others to do the same. When safely away, report the leak by calling 911 and the CenterPoint Energy emergency hotline at 888-876-5786.

Natural Gas Line and Meter Inspection

Natural Gas Line and Meter Inspection

To ensure safe and reliable service to our customers, federal regulations require CenterPoint Energy to periodically inspect its equipment, including the piping and natural gas meter the company owns.

  • CenterPoint Energy owns the natural gas meter and the piping that comes into it from the distribution main line. 
  • Customers own the piping that runs from the meter to the natural gas appliances and it is the customer's responsibility to maintain this piping. 

For Your Safety

  • Do not store items on or around your meter
  • Keep meter clear of landscaping that obstructs access or visibility
  • Do not wrap or insulate meter 
  • Do not tie pets to the meter installation
  • Do not allow children to climb on or play  near meter
  • Use caution when using lawn equipment around meter
  • Do not tamper with meter or attempt to service or maintain the meter yourself
  • If meter is damaged or you suspect a gas leak, please call CenterPoint Energy immediately