CenterPoint Energy safely brings you power every day, but sometimes electric equipment is damaged by weather, animals or people. Damaged electric equipment and downed power lines could be life threatening. CenterPoint Energy equipment should onl​y be handled by our trained personnel.

Service drops and weatherheads


Service drops describe the wires extending from utility poles to a home or building. Service drops deliver electricity to CenterPoint Energy customers. If you see a service drop appearing disconnected, damaged or hanging low, do not approach it or touch it with any object – and call CenterPoint Energy​ immediately.

Weatherheads (pictured above) are where the overhead power line or service drop connects to your home or building. Weatherheads are customer-owned equipment. If your weatherhead is damaged, you must have a qualified electrician repair it and CenterPoint Energy cannot restore power until this is done.​​​​​​

Smart meters and meter boxes

4-7 meter safety

Meters and meter boxes
are often located on the outside of a home or building. A meter measures the amount of electricity used. Never tamper with the meter or any other electrical equipment. If you see damage or evidence of meter tampering, contact CenterPoint Energy immediately.

Pad-mount transformers

Pad Mounted Transformer

Pad-mount transformers
are often found in the yards of homes or near businesses. Pad-mount transformers (shown in the image) reduce high voltage to a usable level for residences and businesses. Stay clear of this equipment and do not obstruct it with vegetation or fencing. If you see equipment that app​ears to be damaged or tampered with, contact CenterPoint Energy right away.​