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Start/manage Landlord Leave On Agreement (formerly RTO agreement)

A Landlord Leave On Agreement (LLOA) may be arranged between landlords and their residential rental property to au​tomatically transfer service into the property owner's name. The LLOA specifies the conditions by which service is transferred back to the landlord. The LLOA can be used for any property within our service territory.

To start a new LLOA agreement or update an existing agreement, complete our online application and submit it using the instructions provided. We will contact you following the processing of your application.

Indiana North LLOA​ application  ​ Indiana South LLOA​ application

An RTO agreement is subject to credit approval. The landlord is subject to all CenterPoint Energy requirements applicable to the service provided, including but not limited to timely payment, security deposits and disconnection of service. Please note the submission and receipt of the RTO application does not guarantee a previously scheduled disconnection of service will be cancelled.


Start service at a property

Complete and submit the service request application (PDF) for property managers and realtors.

Download application

About Landlord Leave On Agreements


Easy and automatic

When a tenant leaves your location, the LLOA allows us to automatically transfer CenterPoint Energy service into your name.


Specify transfer conditions

With the LLOA, you can specify the conditions by which service is transferred into your name.


Add/update locations

After your initial LLOA is in-place, you can modify it anytime and add additional locations or remove locations.

Common questions 

How do I update the Landlord Leave On Agreement? 

  • ​You may revise your existing LLOA at any time. Starting a completely new LLOA is not necessary if you are adding or removing properties to/from your existing agreement. 

How do I cancel a Landlord Leave On Agreement? 

  • To remove all of your properties and end your existing agreement, please send us​ written notification indicating you wish to end your existing LLOA. Your agreement will remain active and you will retain responsibility for service at your location(s) until written notification is received. ​