​Gas Meter Upgrade Tool

Gas meter

The new self -serve Gas Meter Upgrade tool allows customers to conveniently upgrade their gas meter through an online process. A gas meter is a device installed by utility companies to regulate the amount of gas flowing to your appliances. Gas meters may require an upgrade when additional gas powered appliances are added to the property. An example of these appliances include:

  • Back-up gas generator
  • Outdoor grill or kitchen
  • Tankless water heater
  • Heated pool or spa
  • Fireplace or outdoor pit

Prepare for your upgrade

To best prepare for your gas meter upgrade, it’s important to know an upgrade only includes modifying the pressure of the meter in its existing location. This does not include installing a new service line for a new meter. However, if you need to install a gas meter in a new location, please call us at 800-752-8036. Appliances should be in place and ready to connect before submitting a meter upgrade request. Need a new meter location? Click here.