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You can also manage payment options, communication preferences, multiple accounts, add authorized users, and more!

Pay bill

  • Sign into My Account and view, print, download and pay your bill
  • You can also schedule future dated payments or set up AutoPay and relax, knowing that your bill will be paid when you’re on vacation or simply busy with other things. View all payment options.

Need payment assistance?

  • Learn more about programs offered, payment extension or payment arrangement for your account.

Manage billing preferences

  • Set up Average Monthly Billing and get balanced billing each month.
  • Sign up for paperless billing and your bill will be sent to your email address.
  • You can also sign up for payment reminders and receive a text message or email notification.

Email communications, service notifications and alerts.

We want to stay in touch with you, but only in ways you find helpful. Sign into My Account and choose the types of emails you want to receive from CenterPoint Energy on the Communication Preferences page. A wide variety of topics from Products & Services to Education & Awareness can help you stay in touch with the latest energy saving tips and programs we offer.
Note: We're required to send certain safety and regulatory communications and certain topics may vary by state.
Service Notifications & Alerts - Add up to 10 points-of-contact for alerts & notifications. Decide who should be notified and how – text message, voice or email– concerning your CenterPoint Energy services, such as appointment reminders and payments due.
Manage Payment Alerts - In many households, more than one person is responsible for paying bills. Ensure that everyone sharing this responsibility knows when a payment is due and what is owed.
You don’t need to share your User ID & Password with others for help managing your CenterPoint Energy accounts or services. Add trusted users to safely give someone permission to view or manage services at each property. To get started simply sign in to My Account and then visit the Authorized Users page.
  • Assigning User Access Level: Decide the level of access a user has for each property. The access level determines what, if any, tasks a user may take, such as paying a bill or scheduling services.
  • Edit or Remove Access: Change or eliminate an authorized user’s access level at any time via the Authorized Users page.
The Account Summary page displays important account details for each of your properties together on one, clean display with tools making it easy to manage CenterPoint Energy services across multiple properties: 
  • Add new properties and start new service
  • Create property nicknames for each property (e.g. “The Lake House” or “Smith Rental Unit”).
  • Easily search through properties by street name, house number, account number or nickname.
My Account offers even more services including:
  • Start, stop and transfer of your natural gas service
  • Request for a Credit Reference Letter
  • Service reconnection when you have been disconnected for non-payment
  • Tracking your gas appointment status
Just sign into your account and get started!

​Payment Assistance

If you are having trouble paying your natural gas bill, don't wait until you receive a disconnection/shut-off notice or your natural gas service has been disconnected.


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