Basic Charge is a flat amount each month, regardless of the amount of gas used, to cover a portion of costs incurred even if the customer does not use gas during the billing period.

Delivery Charge is based on the amount of gas delivered, to cover the costs of delivering gas not covered by the Basic Charge.            

Gas Affordability Program (GAP) covers costs to offer a low-income customer co-pay program to reduce natural gas service disconnections. This charge is billed to all non-interruptible customers

Cost of Gas is the cost CenterPoint Energy pays for the gas it delivers to its customers.

Purchased Gas Adjustment reflects the difference between the base cost of gas established at the time of our most recent rate case and the price paid to purchase and transport the gas you used during this billing period.

City Franchise Fee - This is a fee charged by a city to utility companies that provide natural gas, electricity or cable service. Utilities will collect the fee from individual customers and pay it to the city. Utilities receive no revenue from this fee.

Therm is the heating value of gas. Your meter measures CCF (hundreds of cubic feet) which we multiply by the therm factor to determine the heating capacity of the gas you used.

Combined pressure factor – necessary to adjust the volume for a meter with a standard index dependent on the amount of pressure on that line.

Features of Your Bill

We Spoke with Customers Like You and Designed Our Bill to be User-Friendly



​​​​​​Features include:​

  • Bill summary on the front and bill details on the back
  • Due date and​ amount in large, bold print 
  • Gas usage at-a-glance chart
  • Important safety, savings, products and services information printed right on the bill

How to read your natural gas bill


Sample Bill

​Bill Overview​​

Learn more about convenient features of our bill:

View a sample of Final Notice (PDF) before disconnection for non-payment.