​​​​​​​​​​Water Heater Safety

A properly operating, well-maintained water ​​heater provides the hot water you need quickly and efficiently. Whether your hot water heater is an older model or one of the high-efficiency, newer models, there are a few safety tips to consider.

If you’re ever unsure about the safety of your water heater, contact CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus® (HSP) immediately to have it looked at, and if necessary, repaired.

Stay out of hot water with these helpful tips:

Turn down the heat

  • Set the temperature to 120°F to help prevent accidental burns and save energy. Temperatures of 140°F or higher can be dangerous to children and the elderly. It takes just five seconds to receive a third-degree burn from 140°F water.
  • Befo​re adjusting the temperature on your water heater, be sure to read the instructions for your particular model.   

Keep flammables away

  • Keep the top of the tank free of dust, debris and flammable products such as paint, gasoline, solvents or adhesives. Also, never use these products near a water heater or any other natural gas or electric appliance because vapors from flammable liquids can ignite.
  • Older water heaters are not equipped with ignition-resistant technology, so are more susceptible to flammable vapors. In the right conditions, flammable vapors can travel undetected along the floor aided by air vents.
  • Consider upgrading to a newer water heater, equipped with ignition-resistant and more energy-efficient technology 
  • If your water heater’s in the same room as a clothes dryer, be sure to keep clothing articles away from the burner inlet, also remove any visible lint that may accumulate on the burn​er compartment inlet screen or door. Burner cleaning should be performed by a qualified technician. 

Special considerations for natural gas water heaters:

  • Flames: Natural gas appliance flames should always burn blue, not orange or yellow (with the exception of natural gas fireplace logs). If the flame is not blue, it may be a sign that the appliance needs adjusting or cleaning.
  • Check the burner periodically. If rust or scale is collecting in the burner compartment, it’s time to have it serviced by a professional. Water heater checks are complimentary with a furnace tune-up from HSP.

Leave major repairs to the professionals.

With more than 80 years experience, HSP can safely repair your appliances.

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