​​​​​​​​Get Ready for Summer

Checklist for keeping cool from CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus® (HSP)

When the temperatures rise, it's a bad time to discover that your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home or that your g​​​​​​​as grill won't cook dinner. Read our tips below to get ready for the summer season.

Central Air Conditioners

  • Turn your air conditioner on before the first heat wave. Don't get stuck without a working AC during the first heat wave. Once outside temperatures stay above 60 degrees for 48 hours, you can turn your AC on to test that it is working properly before the first heat wave. If you discover that your AC is not working, you can schedule a repair appointment before the peak repair season.
  • Wash/Clean the condenser unit outdoors. Be sure to turn the power off to the unit before washing.  Spray gently with a hose, being careful to not damage any fins. Let dry thoroughly before turning the power back on. Clear any obstructions from the outside unit. Clean condensate line/pump once each season.  Replace condensate line as needed.
  • Clean or replace your furnace filter before the cooling season. This should be done monthly, so put it on your calendar and make it a habit. High efficiency (pleated) filters can cause air flow problems when they are slightly dirty. A clean filter provides a greater degree of comfort for you and your family.
  • Check the thermostat. Adjust the setting from "Heat" to "Cool". If the thermostat isn't working, it might be time to change the batteries.
  • Inspect supply vents. Make sure all vents are open and unblocked by furniture, rugs, and curtains. If vents are dusty, consider having your duct work cleaned to ensure maximum energy efficiency and comfort. Schedule duct cleaning service today​.
  • Close all basement or lower level registers and open all upper level registers.  If the house has zone controls, set the lower level thermostat to 80+ degrees.  Keep any doors to the lower levels closed.​


  • Set humidifier damper to summer position.  Turn off the water supply and humidistat to humidifier.  This is an excellent time to clean the unit and ready it for winter.
  • Clean the filter and drain hose annually.
  • Flush condensing lines once each year with fresh water, followed by a small amount (8 ounces) of 50/50 water and bleach solution. Pour this down the hose to keep bacteria from building up.

Pre-Season Grill Preparation

  • Turn the gas off to the grill.  Remove, clean and check meat and coal grates.  Clean inside surfaces of lid and grill body.
  • Remove small or broken lava rock and briquettes. Remove debris above and below the burner.
  • Brush the burner ports with a stiff brush and check the burner for holes or gaps.
  • Check valve operation - the knob should turn on and off easily.  Important: Turn gas off and open lid to the grill before checking.
  • Re-install coal grate, and lava rock/briquettes.  There should be only ONE LAYER of lava rock/briquettes. (Note: Too much rock will create uneven heating.)
  • Fill your tank. Propane tanks on grills should weigh 35 lbs. when filled.  Empty tanks weigh around 20 lbs and need to be filled at 85% level.
  • Safety note: Turn gas on to the grill and light according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Set the burner knob to high for 10-15 minutes, to burn off any excess debris on the meat grates before grilling.​

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