​​Marine Corporal, Jack Goodroe​

Growing up, Jack Goodroe dreamed of being a Marine. In December 2001, during the aftermath of 9/11, his wish was fulfilled, starting with boot camp in San Diego and subsequent deployments to Iraq. ​

Tragedy struck in the spring 2004 while stationed in Husayba near the Syrian border. While returning to the base, his squad walked through an open-air market where an explosive device was hidden in a box of onions. It was remotely detonated and Goodroe absorbed the full impact of the blast. Even after extensive medical treatment, he still deals a variety of wounds including a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). 

A bright spot was meeting his wife, Laurel, a few months after being injured. Goodroe works for SERVEPRO® and loves to hunt, fish and camp when time allows. 

“When we lost power during Hurricane Ike, my wife and I had to stay with friends who had electricity so I could use my CPAP breathing machine. Now, I can be in my home thanks to the generator and also help friends should they lose power.”