​​Undergraduate Internships-Engineering​

Are you ready to get a jump-start on your professional career? CenterPoint Energy's undergraduate internship program gives you a break from the classroom and provides you with real world experience. CenterPoint Energy targets students in electrical, civil, mechanical, industrial and computer engineering.

Intern Program Requirements

A student must meet these requirements to be eligible for our intern/co-op program:

  • Must be enrolled as a full-time (12 hours) student at an accredited university or college
  • Field of study is relevant to position for which the student applied
  • Must be in good academic standing; minimum 3.0/4.0 preferred
  • Junior or senior standing preferred
  • Must provide documentation of proof to work in the United States

Types of Engineering Internships/Co-Ops

Electrical Engineering

  • Transmission Planning - Assists engineers in the design of a safe, reliable and cost-effective transmission system.
  • Distribution - Prepares electric distribution development plans and writes simple computer programs.
  • Substation - Assists engineers with calculations and inputs data for transmission and distribution relay settings.
  • Major Underground - Designs electric service arrangements and calculates fault currents, voltage drops and motor starts.

Civil, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

  • Gas Engineering - Assists designers in project design activities and researches the status of various public improvement projects.
  • Pipeline Integrity Engineering and Data - Analyzes and summarizes pipe repair records and conducts research for the pipeline group’s integrity management program.