natural gas pipeline warning

​Safety is our number one priority and we are committed to the safe and reliable operation of pipelines in all of our communities. We spend millions of dollars annually to modernize and protect our pipelines from threats like corrosion and third party damage.

We implemented an accelerated replacement program in 2012 to remove the remaining cast iron and bare steel throughout our systems over an 8 and 20 year period respectively.

Additionally, we perform leak surveys on all of our pipelines at intervals that meet or exceed state and federal regulations. Any hazardous leaks found are repaired immediately. We odorize the natural gas in our pipelines to help alert the general public about the presence of a natural gas leak and have developed and implemented a comprehensive pipeline safety public awareness program that exceeds the base line requirements of the federal public awareness regulation.

Third party damage is the number one cause of pipeline incidents to utilities like CenterPoint Energy; therefore, our damage prevention program is a critical part of our public safety efforts. Through our relationship with the Common Ground Alliance, we have been able to bring a higher level of awareness to the importance of “Call 811 Before you Dig” and have worked closely with Governors and elected officials throughout our service territory to secure proclamations declaring April as Safe Digging Month.