A competitive natural gas supply for high-volume customers

Transportation Services

TSareamap.jpgCenterPoint Energy's Transportation Services offers qualifying end-use commercial and industrial customers a choice in their natural gas supply. By providing customers access to competitive natural gas suppliers, CenterPoint Energy enables customers to maximize the value of their natural gas consumption.

How it works

Commercial and industrial consumers (or "end-use customers") of natural gas who are located on CenterPoint Energy's distribution system and burn a minimum of 10 MMBtu per day, or 3,650 MMBtu annually, may be qualified for CenterPoint Energy's Transportation Services. When enrolled in Transportation Services, end-use customers may select from a list of active, competitive natural gas suppliers who will use CenterPoint Energy's natural gas distribution system to ship natural gas to the end-use customer's facility.

Transportation Services is a choice for the end-use customer, and participation is not a requirement for natural gas service. If an end-use customer declines to participate in Transportation Services, the customer will continue to receive the same safe, reliable natural gas sales services provided by CenterPoint Energy to all customers.

Reliable service

Transportation Services ensures the same reliable delivery of energy to the end-use customers that CenterPoint Energy has been providing customers for more than 130 years, while providing qualified end-use customers the choices they desire when making critical business decisions related to energy supply. 

Prospective supplier? 

Expand your business by meeting the gas supply needs of large end-users. Become an active supplier on our distribution system and serve qualified large volume customers. Once fully approved, a potential supplier will receive a list of eligible delivery points in the state.

​Make the best choice for your business

The option to choose a natural gas supplier provides a commercial or industrial end-use customer the cost-effective flexibility to tailor supply requirements to meet business needs.