Compare Energy Costs and Emissions

See the Difference Natural Gas Makes

Energy Cost and Emissions Calculator

Each operation has different energy needs. With this calculator, you can either use default inputs or create custom calculations using your specific energy pricing information and equipment efficiency factors. You'll quickly get a cost and emissions report you can use to make informed energy decisions. Use our energy cost and emissions calculator.

How do natural gas costs compare to electricity? 

Because electricity is billed in kilowatt hours (kWh) and natural gas in therms, it can be challenging to compare costs. We decode your natural gas and electric bills to help you better understand your energy charges and show you what a great value natural gas is.

How do natural gas costs compare to geothermal?

When it comes to space heating, commercial and industrial customers need to know the facts about operating cost savings, return on investment, and environmental impact. Compare the cost savings, simple payback and emissions of high-efficiency natural gas heating and cooling equipment and geothermal heat pumps by using our geot hermal calculator.

How do natural gas costs compare to other fuels? 

This chart shows you average natural gas, electricity, no. 2 fuel oil and propane costs in Minnesota for the past three years. You'll see the value of more efficient, cleaner-burning natural gas.