​​​​Natural Gas, the Environmentally Friendly Fuel​

Help your clients make better decisions for the environment. 

Beautiful LakeNatural gas has often been considered a better fuel for the environment. As the environment weighs more heavily into the decisions consumers make, CenterPoint Energy encourages your business to help customers be environmentally conscious by offering natural gas appliance options - the best choice for the environment. Why?

Lower Operating Costs​​

Natural gas is a better value - even when considering the operating costs. Water heating is one of the largest fuel users in the home. Electric water heaters rely on the generation of electricity at a power plant, which may be burning coal, oil, lignite or other fossil fuels and do not burn as cleanly as gas does. The chart below illustrates the cost difference between a comparable natural gas and electric water heater.

Environmentally friendly fuel

Compared to electricity and other fuels, burning natural gas releases:

  • Less carbon dioxide (a major greenhouse gas)
  • Less sulfur dioxide (a major cause of acid rain and haze)
  • Less nitrogen oxides (the primary cause of smog)
  • Zero mercury emissions (makes some fish unsafe to eat)