​CenterPoint Energy High Efficiency Homes™ Program




CenterPoint Energy's High Efficiency Homes™ (HEH) program takes a holistic view of gas savings. The program uses energy modeling software to measure the impact of multiple elements of the home's design and construction, from the HVAC systems to the building envelope to the orientation of the home on the lot. Participating builders earn rebates based on the total resulting gas savings.

To participate:

  • Builders hire their own qualified (HERS) rater to provide consulting and energy modeling services.
  • Raters complete the required program steps for each home including an insulation site visit, as well as a final site visit and blower door test.
  • Rebates are paid to the builder for each home that completes the program and achieves 10 percent or higher gas savings over baseline.
  • Raters are also paid $75 for each qualified home - an incentive designed to cover the cost of submitting required deliverables.

NEW AND IMPROVED rebate amounts:

Builder Rebate ​Percent gas savings above baselineNotes
​$500​10-14%*Homes without natural gas water heaters will be capped at this rebate level.
​40% and aboveHomes with gas savings above this amount will be capped at this rebate level.

Note: Rebates subject to change. This program's rebate process differs from our other rebate programs.

Home Eligibility Requirements

  • CenterPoint Energy gas service
    • Additional rebates available if Xcel Energy electric service
    • Must be individually metered and have a dedicated natural gas heating system
  • Single-family homes, detached or separately metered townhouses, duplexes, and two over two condos are eligible. Multi-family units are not eligible.