Cash for Trade Allies

CenterPoint Energy’s rebate program for high-efficiency natural gas equipment offers big savings for our customers and excellent sales benefits for you. You’ll add up cash rewards with our Trade Ally Incentive Program and your customers save when they purchase high-efficiency natural gas equipment.

Discover savings and incentives

CenterPoint Energy rebates are excellent tools to help customers lower their operating costs with efficient, clean-burning natural gas equipment. Best of all, when your customers purchase rebated high-efficiency natural gas equipment, you earn cash incentives for each installation.

Commercial Trade Ally Incentives*

​Equipment​Efficiency Requirement​Incentive Amount
​Commercial low-pressure steam boilers≥ ​84% thermal efficiency​$100/boiler
​Commercial low-pressure steam boilers​≥ 83% thermal efficiency​$100/boiler
​High-efficiency hot water boiler​85% to 87.9% efficiency​$100/boiler
​High-efficiency hot water boiler​≥ ​88% efficiency​$100/boiler
​Commercial boiler turbulator​$25/boiler
​Fully modulating boiler burner​$100/boiler
​Stack damper​$15/boiler
​Boiler tune-up ​$10/tune-up
Boiler reset control​​$10/control
​Boiler cut-out control ​​​​$10/control
​Commercial heating steam trap repair/replacementRepair/replacement of a failed open steam trap​​​$3/trap
​Linkageless controls​$50/boiler
​High-efficiency forced-air furnace≥ ​92% AFUE​​$35/furnace
​​High-efficiency forced-air furnace​≥ ​94% AFUE​$35/furnace
​​High-efficiency forced-air furnace​≥ ​96% AFUE​$35/furnace
​Unit heaters (all sizes)​≥ ​83% thermal efficiency​$25/unit
​Condensing unit heaters (all sizes)​≥ ​88% thermal efficiency​$25/unit
​Infrared heaters​Low-intensity tube-type​$25/unit
​Carbon monoxide sensors​$10/project
​Energy recovery wheels & platesMin. 50% effectiveness factor; Max. 20,000CFM​​$10/device
​High-efficiency condensing water heaters​≥ ​88% efficiency​$25/trap

*Trade Ally incentives will be issued quarterly. 

When you complete a sale of rebated natural gas equipment, fill out an equipment rebate application form and send it in with the appropriate documentation. Forms are processed on a monthly basis.

​Program information

Program dates: January 1 - December 31

Important details

  • Rebates are only for CenterPoint Energy business customers.
  • All sales must be reported within 30 days of installation to qualify.
  • A copy of the dated sales invoice with the amount of sale and equipment details must accompany the rebate application. Equipment rebate application forms must be complete to be processed.
  • Trade Ally incentives will be issued quarterly.

Trade Ally/Dealer ID number

CenterPoint Energy assigns a six-digit trade ally/dealer ID that is used to tabulate your incentives. This number is also used to expedite rebate processing. In order to assign your company an ID number, CenterPoint Energy requires a current W-9 to be on file. We also update W-9 files every two years in compliance with tax laws. When necessary, please complete the requested forms so you do not miss any of your incentives.

Electronic payments

CenterPoint Energy requests banking information for all new companies and W-9 updates. This allows for electronic payment to your account. You do however have the choice to receive​ a check by mail by noting this in the required paperwork.