​​​​​​​​Discover the Benefits of Natural Gas

​When you choose natural gas equipment and appliances for your business, you are making a smart decision for greater cost-savings, comfort and the environment.​

Save Energy, Save Money

Natural gas costs about half as much as other fuels, making it the best choice for​​ your budget. It's simply a better value, especially when considering the efficiency of the equipment.

​Energy Efficiency Calculators

See the difference using natural gas can make to both your budget and the environment or compare the difference between high-efficiency natural gas equipment and other heating systems.


With reliable natural gas service, you do not need to worry about surprise power outages that may create disruptions. Natural gas equipment is available for nearly every application with a wide range of benefits.


Natural gas equipment for heating your business is reliable, consistent, economical and comfortable.

Water Heating

Water heats two to three times faster with natural gas than electricity so there's less waiting and less energy wasted.


Precision control, efficiency and speed make natural gas the preferred choice for professional chefs. In fact, 91% of cooking is with natural gas compared to electricity.

Other applications

Commercial and industrial applications include humidity control, energy recovery, processing and more.


Natural gas is the r​ight choice for a cleaner tomorrow. More and more businesses are becoming savvy about how their choices impact the environment. As a primary fuel that can be used in its natural state rathe​r than undergoing a pollution-producing, energy-wasting conversion process, natural gas leaves about half the carbon footprint than electricity.

​Compared to electricity, natural gas releases

  • Less than half the amount of carbon dioxide (a major greenhouse gas) 
  • Almost no sulfur dioxide (a major cause of acid rain and​ haze) 
  • Less than one-third the amount of nitrogen oxides (the primary cause of smog)
  • Zero mercury emissions (makes some fish unsafe to eat) 

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