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More affordable​

Over the past 10 years, natural gas prices have consistently been 2-3X lower than electricity prices. America's abundance of natural gas resources and CenterPoint Energy's extensive infrastructure base have historically satisfied domestic energy demands while keeping prices more affordable than other fuels. Learn more about how affordable natural gas is. 

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More reliable

Delivery of natural gas continues to provide safe and reliable service to customers with few interruptions. During Winter Storm Uri in February 2021, U.S. natural gas consumption set a two-day record from February 14 through 15. Learn more about how reliable natural gas is.

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The natural gas delivery system is 91% efficient from production to customer. Learn more about the efficiency of natural gas.

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Investing in long-term solutions through legislation, renewables, carbon capture and recycling, green hydrogen and reduced operational emissions. We’re committed to industry-leading carbon emissions goals, including net-zero direct emissions and a 20-30% reduction in customer end-use emissions, both by 2035. Learn more about our innovation

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Natural gas is a relatively clean burning fossil fuel. Burning natural gas for energy results in fewer emissions of nearly all types of air pollutants and carbon dioxide (CO2) than burning coal or petroleum products to produce an equal amount of energy. Learn more about cleaner energy.

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More than 100 years of supply! With 3,368 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 206 million miles of pipelines, natural gas is available where you need it, when you need it. Learn more about how abundant natural gas is.