​​​​​​​​Commercial Design/Engineering Programs

CenterPoint Energy offers a variety of design/engineering programs. If your customers are considering making energy efficiency design improvements to their facilities, contact one of our energy efficiency engineers.

Engineering and Certification Assistance

This program helps customers cover the cost of identifying, implementing and receiving third-party certification for energy efficiency upgrades. It also provides support for customers seeking ENERGY STAR® certification for their buildings.

Engineering Assistance Program
Provides funding up to $5,000 to commercial and industrial customers for a portion of engineering fees for study, design and installation of qualifying energy-efficiency projects. Customers may be eligible for up to an additional $5,000 if qualifying natural gas technologies are installed. Pre-approval of the study and funding are required prior to starting.
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LEED Certification Assistance Program

Reimburses customers up to $5,000 for a portion of the cost of analysis, documentation and other costs associated with submission of LEED assistance application. Customers may also be eligible for up to an additional $5,000 following the completion and submission of the application. Pre-approval of the application is reuqired.

ENERGY STAR® Verification Assistance Program

Requires that a building's application be verified by a registered professional engineer or architect. CenterPoint Energy will reimburse customers for the cost of the ENERGY STAR® application verification up to a maximum of $1,500 per building. Customer must provide a copy of the verified application and documentation of the verification costs.

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Recommissioning Program 

A recommissioning study helps commercial customers identify low- and no-cost energy-saving measures that reduce operating costs and improve existing mechanical system efficiency. CenterPoint Energy provides funding to our customers to offset a portion of third-party study costs that identify the energy- saving measures. Funding levels are dependent upon projected gas savings potential. CenterPoint Energy will also rebate qualifying implemented gas-saving measures.

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Energy Design Assistance (EDA)

This program encourages building owners, architects and engineers to design maximum energy efficiency into their new construction and major renovation projects. This program provides building design consulting services, provided by our third-party energy modeling firm, at no cost to participating customers, and CenterPoint Energy offers a rebate for projects that realize over 5 percent energy savings. The program is offered collaboratively with the customer's electric utility, subject to availability.

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Process Efficiency Program

This program is designed for large industrial customers that use natural gas for manufacturing processes. It treats each facility as a distinct system and offers a comprehensive, in-depth approach to energy savings by helping customers identify and overcome energy conservation barriers. The program is delivered in three phases, over months or even years, along with financial support at each step.

  • Phase 1 - identifies opportunities
  • Phase 2 - develops an energy action plan
  • Phase 3 - implements energy-saving measures

Financial support covers study funding as well as rebates for both prescriptive measure and custom projects.

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Industrial Process Study Program

This program can help you identify cost-effective natural gas-saving measures in your industrial facility. The study reviews the boiler room, industrial furnaces, other gas-using processes such as production lines, HVAC equipment (particularly if large make-up air is involved because of the processes), or a combination of any of these items. CenterPoint Energy must pre-approve the study before any funding is made available

How the Industrial Process Study Program works:

  • CenterPoint Energy provides funding to offset a portion of the study costs for a third-party to detail the energy-saving potential of an industrial customer’s main gas-consuming processes.
  • Funding could be up to 75 percent of the study cost (capped at $15,000/customer)
  • Funding levels are dependent upon project gas-saving potential.
  • Rebates are also available for qualifying implemented gas-saving measures for even more bottom-line savings.

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